Freemasonry for Wives

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So your husband/partner is thinking of joining a Masonic lodge? Immediately, you think: 'What is it all about?' You may have some preconceived idea of Freemasonry-perhaps your father, grandfather or another relative, or a friend is, or was, a member? For a start, a large number of books have been written on the subject or aspects of it, as a brief look in any library or bookshop will quickly reveal!


As with many things beyond the extent of one's current knowledge, people have perceptions, many of which are vague, or even false. Is it a religion, or a substitute for religion? Is it a political organisation? Don't its members indulge in strange rites and rituals? Don't its members wear dark suits, carry funny little black cases, and wear strange aprons? And what's this business about riding a goat? What about those 'secret handshakes'? What is my husband/partner getting into!?


The purpose here is to explain Freemasonry as succinctly as possible and, hopefully, dispel any misconceptions. This booklet is divided into two parts. Section One provides is a brief 'Synopsis' of what Freemasonry is about (and not about). Section Two, 'A Closer Look at Freemasonry' examines the subject in depth, for those who wish to know more.


 Soft Cover. 54 pages.




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