How to Develop Your Occult Powers

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ISBN: 9781885928023
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Divided into the three degrees of Apprentice, Journeyman (Fellowcraft) and Master, the author presents a comprehensive textbook in developing your occult knowledge, thus leading to an empowering of spiritual gifts and abilities to serve your fellowman. The reader is lead to soul-searching through instructions that connect two great yogic systems, one which deals with the physiological part of a human being, while the other focuses on psychic development. In implementing higher exercises, you will be taught the power of the Od, the infinite subtle substance that each human body produces and emanates, and how you can increase this vital energy. In the journeyman's exercises, such topics that are addressed include telepathy, higher breathing techniques, idealistic monism, dreams, clairvoyance and clairaudience, and the healing power of magnetism. In the final development, the reader is given the last key, the tattvas, to understand and see all things through the "inner eye" and thus become a Master.

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