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Would you or someone you know like some varied reading over the festive season? To help brethren make their daily advancement in Masonic knowledge, Lewis Masonic have put together this special offer consisting of three stimulating and educational books for the price of two.


Buy Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do




The Key To Modern Freemasonry, The Hidden Mysteries Of Nature And Science


They get The Goat, the Devil and the Freemason Free!

About the Books in the pack


Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

by David West

Never Be Without a Candidate Again!

 Based on the experiences of a normal, private, provincial lodge which now initiates four candidates a year - and still has a waiting list - this book will:

 Bring in candidates 

Create a happy, exciting lodge environment 

Dramatically increases lodge attendance 

Involve everyone 

Make your lodge the talk of your Province, State or District 

Let go of old, ineffective strategies; adopt a revolutionary new approach to membership, recruitment and retention; promote your lodge online; find those candidates who are already looking for you. 

This is what they say of the author's lodge: 

Your lodge always seems to be doing things away from the usual run of the mill ... such a pleasure to visit your vibrant lodge ... we had

entertainment and advancement in Masonic knowledge in equal measure ... I would never have thought it possible for a triple initiation to

work so well ... just like a ballet with each movement ensuring that all three initiates had a personal involvement at all times ... this

was something special ... a terrific evening ... my guests said they had never seen anything like it ... really enjoyed it ... a resounding

success by any standards ... thank you for enabling me to attend such a fantastic meeting ... What a good night! ... a truly wonderful meeting.


Paperback: 202 pages, Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.3 x 1 cm



The Key To Modern Freemasonry, The Hidden Mysteries Of Nature And Science

by Charles Lawrence

The Key to Modern Freemasonry The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science

Why are Freemasonry's rituals laced with scientific concepts and the imperative for learning? Why such a reliance on allegory? Why is the outmoded science enshrined in Ritual so crucial? How did such a dubious group of founders create a brotherhood based on the strictest principles of humanitarian behaviour and why did the intrinsic beauty of the concept far outweigh their shortcomings?

Once in every generation comes a lateral thinker who brings radically new perspectives to old questions. Professor Charles Lawrence has been a scholar of Freemasonry for over forty years, but he is also an internationally recognised scientist and engineer. These parallel disciplines have influenced his approach to Masonic historiography, demanding profound analysis and the same detached stringency he applies to his scientific work.

Those with preconceptions about Masonry may find this an uncomfortable read. Questions are raised to which the answers are not always easy or palatable. Yet for those seeking the true Key to Modern Freemasonry, this book provides a solid base from which to begin the quest.

With a dedication to the Most Hon., the Marquess of Northampton, DL and a foreword by W. Bro. John M. Hamill, BA, ALA, PGSwdBr.

Paperback 512 pages 35 colour plates 30 monochrome plates & 16 tables


The Goat, the Devil and the Freemason

by David West

My masonic brother, Leslie, is a very kind person, a vegetarian, a retired policeman and a counsellor. I was therefore very surprised to learn that some members of his extended family, hearing that he was an active freemason, accused him of being a devil-worshipper! Shortly after that, someone asked me, quite seriously, whether a live goat was a part of masonic ceremonies. Now, a moment's thought would show that the goat question is very silly. No one would allow a goat into the places that Freemasons meet; the local hotel or masonic temple and certainly not into Freemasons' Hall, perhaps the most beautiful example of art deco in England and the venue of many TV dramas and fashion parades. Goats are not exactly house-trained. 

Such ideas do not spring from a single imagination. They arise, grow and change, time providing at least apparent credibility. This book is a search for the history of the goat, the devil and the Freemason; a magical mystery tour of fascinating and often surprising events and people, including ...

The occult of 19th century France, the Santa Fe Trail and the mountain men, a Masonic hoax; ancient Egypt and the Book of the Dead; Greek gods and the afterlife; at least two Cleopatras; Cyrus the Great; fauns and satyrs; early Christianity, the gnostics and the gospel of Q; the history of the Bible; polytheism, henotheism and monotheism; the death of Pan; the problem of evil; the Bogomils and the Cathars; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and John Donne; Wittgenstein and language games; reasons for worship; Augustine, Hume and Nietzsche; Kabbalah, the Templars and the Rosicrucians; and, of course, the wonderfully named Hermes Trismegistus ... not forgetting Tecumseh, Crazy Horse and the Comanche.

Dr David West gained his first degree in Philosophy from the University of Exeter and his Doctorate of and in Philosophy from the University of Leicester. He taught at universities in England and Canada for several years, publishing in the academic press. His business career included Ford and Xerox. He served on several committees on the future of work, was special adviser to a cabinet minister and later founded The Working Manager Ltd, creating the core content of its web based management education process. He is also the author of 'Employee Engagement and the Failure of Leadership'. David is a member of three lodges and four chapters under the English Constitution, served as Grand Registrar of the Masonic Province of Essex and is now Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

Paperback, 248 pages, 22.9 x 15.3 x 1.1 cm





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