Philosophia Mystica by Paracelsus / The Prophecies of the Pr

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The first few chapters are strictly dedicated to what true justice really is, not what we readily accept justice to be (ie God's laws vs man's laws). In today's society, justice has been replaced by collective and personal revenge; if this system continues, the one who seeks justice is really seeking revenge, thereby destroying himself and others.

Where there is justice and righteousness, there is no law. By the same token, where there is law, there is no justice or belief, because all true justice and righteousness originates with belief. Their seat is in belief and not in the human body or intellect. These chapters will lead the reader out of today's maze of uncertainty and despair and leave one with a clearer understanding.

The second part of the book is an explanation of the prophecies of Daniel. There is also a seemingly bold statement which states that people who are argumentative are uneducated. This is of course a true statement, although not a popul! ar one. Because we human beings usually base our logic on a false conclusion and hence become argumentative. Remember: the truth does not contain an argument!

False prophets and false Christians are also identified. This is very important to know, which will become clear when you read Philosophia Mystica as it unveils the true meaning of the Biblical text. It tells you how the false prophets and Christians have become merchants, selling their goods and selling the word of God, even to the point of usury. These people are merchandisers, not Christians. It speaks of the atrocities in the Old Testament, but also that the atrocities of the New Testament by far surpass those of the Old.

The vision in Nebuchadnezzar's dream is explained. Some may ask: "What do these old prophesies have to do with our present times?" We are now living in the midst of the events prophesied in Philosophia Mystica! Out of these events, four kingdoms will emerge, which will eventually rule the worl! d, until they are all destroyed and replaced by one kingdom! . This will be the last judgement for the political structure on earth. Every person on earth should be interested in the prophecies of Daniel, because it provides the knowledge necessary to understand what is presently happening in the world and also what is yet to come. You can also judge the accuracy of these prophecies by the events which have already occurred. The original prophecy was made about 2600 years ago and revealed by Paracelsus almost 500 years ago.

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