AQC Vol. 125 2012 Hardback

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Volume 125 - 2012
Papers Delivered in the Lodge 2011-2012

The Road Less Travelled: The Authentic and Esoteric Schools (Inaugural Address)

Anthony R Baker page 1

Was Sir Christopher Wren a Mason? (The 2011 Prestonian Lecture)

Dr James W Campbell page 15

The Earliest Speculative Working Tool?

Robert L D Cooper page 61

'Breast the Storm': Vermont Freemasonry during the Antimasonic Period 1826-46

Mark A Tabbert page 85

Whence did we come? The Craft and the Western Metaphysical Tradition

W Kirk MacNulty page 113

Other Papers

Lodges and Grand Lodges in South Carolina

Alain Bernheim page 131

William Cowper (1690-1740) - First Grand Secretary and Poet

Christopher Powell page 171

The Origins of Freemasonry

John Acaster page 185

The Founding of the Grand Lodge of Southern Africa and the Roles of the Sister Constitutions

Kenneth Marcus page 195

Cagliostro, The Adoption Rite and the Masonic Certificate of Agnes Elizabeth von Medem (1718-84)

Dr Robert Collis page 229

Freemasonry and the Search for Utopia

Mike Rogers page 249

Notes and Queries

Bro Hugh O'Neill page 269

Bro A R Baker page 279


Bro Paul Anthony Tunbridge

Bro Alain Bernheim page 283

Bro Charles John Mandleberg

Bro Dr James Daniel page 284

Bro James William Reddyhoff

Bro David Peabody page 289

Book Reviews

Warren! The Bond of Brotherhood
Colin Macdonald

Reviewed by Bro John Belton page 291

The Red Triangle - A History of Anti-Masonry
Robert L D Cooper

Reviewed by Bro Hugh S O'Neill page 292

Secret Societies in America: Foundational Studies of Fraternalism
William D Moore and Mak A Tabbert

Reviewed by Bro Brian W Price page 294

The English Masonic Union of 1813 - A Tale of Antients and Moderns
John Belton

Reviewed by Bro Roeinton Khambatta page 295

Observing the Craft - The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labor and Observance
Andrew Hammer

Reviewed by Bro Trevor W McKeowen page 296

Archangels and Archaeology: J S M Ward's Kingdom of the Wise
Geoffrey Ginn

Reviewed by Bro Anthony R Baker page 299

The Foundations of Modern Freemasonry. The Grand Architect: Political Change and the Scientific Enlightenment
Ric Berman

Reviewed by Bro Aubrey N Newman page 301


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