ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 107 Hbk

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Contents include:

To See Ourselves as Others See Us - Gilbert

The Hudibrastic Poem of 1723 - McLeod

Confessions of a Cowan: a Non-Mason and Early Masonic History - Stevenson

Anti-Masonry in Japan - Past and Present - Washizu

The Portraits of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge - Peabody

An Introduction to the Sharp Documents - Prinsen & Guerrillot

The Social Psychology of the Extra-Craft Degrees - Stewart

The Apprentice of the A&A Rite & Study of Parallels in Ritual - Peterson

Not Hiram Abif but Hiram King of Tyre - Plaskow

Adoniram: a Hypothesis - Kennedy

The Four Cardinal Virtues and the Tassels in the Lodgeroom - Murray

An Early Mark Lodge at Plymouth - Martin

The First Knights Templar in the United States - Kaulback

A Hitherto Unknown Hebrew-speaking Lodge in Egypt - Layiktez

Dr Robert Plot and his 'Trade Mystery' - Baigent

Processions of Mock Masons - Reddyhoff

Carlo Goldoni, Freemason and his comedy: Le Donne Curiose - Maggiore

Initiations at Sight and in Lodges of Emergency: Overlooked Happenings - Fagundes

A Possible Link between the Old Lodge at York and London - Reddyhoff


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