ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Vol.112 Hbk

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Contents include -

Significance of Provinces for Masonic Historian - Newman

Henry Welcome and His Masonic Circle - Rees

King Solomon's Cathedral - Ketley

Military & Masonic Career of Charles Masterman Smythe - Reddyhoff & Peabody

Early Years of Premier Grand Lodge 1717-1740: A Re-appraisal - Markham

Two Masonic Arks - Currie

The George Grey Manuscript of the Old Charges - Akenhead

Freemasonry in the Ottoman Empire: French Exposures in Greek - Rizopoulos

Masonic Tour of Peterborough Cathedral - Sandbach

The Grail of the Lodge - Hunter & Ferguson

Basilides and the Basilidean System - Owen

Thomas Robson: Heraldic Writer, Lithographer, Engraver - Hogg

Masonic Life and Times of Sir Walter Parrat - Hollinrake

European Periodical Literature on Masonic Research: Review of 1980s - Stewart

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