ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Vol.122 Hardback 2009

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Volume 122 - 2009
Papers Delivered in the Lodge 2008-2009

Stability:Enduring Legacy of the Lodge of Reconciliation (Inaugural Address)

Peter H. Currie page 1

Membership of West Cornwall Masonic Lodges during the Victorian Period

Roger Burt page 39

'Go and Do Thou Likewise': English Masonic Processions from the 18th to the 20th Centuries
(The 2009 Prestonian Lecture)

John S. Wade page 75

A Brick by Brick Account of the Metamorphosis of Operative to Speculative Masonry

Charles C. Lawrence page 121

Masonic Controversy and The Freemasons' Magazine in mid-Victorian England

Aubrey N. Newman page 185

Other Papers

Revolutionary and Socialist Fraternalism 1848-1870: London to the Italian Risorgimento

John Belton page 207

Joseph Haydn, Freemasonry and The Creation

Christopher Powell page 227

Masonic Activity in the Dragoon Guards, 1799-1992

James W. Reddyhoff page 235

Notes and Queries

Bro R. L. D. Cooper page 247

Letters to the Editor

page 257

Book Reviews

Masonic Etiquette Today: A Modern Guide to Masonic Protocol and Practice
Graham Redman

Reviewed by Bro John Acaster page 259

A History of the Masonic Province of LeicesterShire and Rutland
Aubrey Newman, David Hughes and Donald Peacock

Reviewed by Bro Mike Teanby page 260

Belief and Brotherhood
Revd Neville Barker Cryer

Reviewed by Bro The Revd Tom Caswell page 261

What's in Other Masonic Journals

A. R Baker page 263

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