A Starter's Guide To The Meaning Of Life

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This beautifully illustrated book seeks to find a common path that is true to all and celebrates diversity. The simple words, wisdom and truth reveal the real purpose for living beyond the day to day. In our modern world of large cities, high pressure jobs, financial pressures, computers, mobile phones, ipods, TV and the internet there is little room for silence or contemplation of why we are here. This book suggests ways for you to find this space to discover for yourself the real meaning for your life and to how to live it well.

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"We step onwards, burning with the desire to know a closer relationship with that vast living reality which infuses all existence within us and beyond us. This is the path where we seek what it is to be embraced by the life and love which is the true mark of the cosmos; the path that Jonathan Tod is describing so simply, eloquently and passionately in his book." - Michael Baigent author of the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

"This is a beautiful, uplifting and informative book that I recommend to anyone interested in nurturing their spirit and learning the more about world history, religions and spiritual practices." - Elle Macpherson

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