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ISBN: 9781885928191
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This new edition of Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers includes 9 Charts of Virtues and Passions as defined by the Four Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, as well as Principles and Ideas in the Akasha. This collection of Hermetic information was recorded by Bardon's students in Prague many decades ago. Not only does Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers - The Great Arcanum represent Franz Bardon's oral teachings on the nature of the magical universe, it also includes 50 pages of definitive human characteristics (passions and virtues), information which is vital for one's spiritual development. 185 of the most frequently asked Hermetic questions are answered in this book, and the practitioner of Franz Bardon's Hermetic Sciences will find invaluable information regarding the mental, astral and physical planes (mind body spirit) as well as the function of the Akasha. A must for all Franz Bardon students.

softbound 116 pages

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