Mayan Masonry

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Mayan Masonry
Mayan Masonry
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Was the mysterious ancient Maya civilization an

older branch on the Masonic family tree?

In this thrilling and adventure-filled quest penetrating deep into the Mesoamerican

jungles, iconoclast author and popular lecturer Richard Cassaro rivets our

attention on the great architectural and cultural achievements of the Maya. These

monuments are not the remnants of a raging warrior people drenched in sacrificial

blood, as commonly portrayed, but rather reflect a sophisticated spiritual legacy

—a Masonic legacy—that stretches back over many millennia.

Maya “Master Masons” built some of the most advanced stone pyramids, temples,

aqueducts and ceremonial centers in the world; Mayan art and architecture

represents a civilization focused on metaphysical self-knowledge and inner

development. Mayan temples are gateways bridging the material and spiritual

worlds, capable of healing, divination, and raising consciousness.

In one of the great tragedies of history, ruthless conquistadors and missionaries

destroyed much of the Mayan written legacy. The few surviving fragments are

mostly either indecipherable or useless in terms of shedding light on the culture.

Building on the work of renowned explorers, and drawing on his exhaustive

knowledge of ancient, esoteric, and occult symbolism, Cassaro has found a backdoor

route to recovering lost Mayan wisdom, by pointing out and deciphering

visual analogies to other ancient cultures and to authentic Freemasonry. In a

stunning conclusion, Cassaro unearths the ancient rudiments of Freemasonry not

only in the Maya civilization, but also among the Egyptians and in the remote

jungles of Cambodia!

Mayan Masonry, jam-packed with surprising

discoveries and revolutionary new interpretations

of ancient and esoteric symbolism,

is truly a book for the ages, and deserves an

honored place in every Masonic library.

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