An Interpretation of our Masonic Symbols

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This Edition with Foreword on J. S. M. Ward

This book. first published in 1948, has not been reprinted until now. This
edition benefits from some updating of Wards expressions and also from the
addition of multiple illustrations. It presents Wards interpretation of the
symbols and emblems found in a Masonic Lodge room, such as: the apron,
the collar, the officers jewels, the point within a circle, the letter G, and so
on. His purpose was to interpret the inner meaning of these objects, which a
Mason sees at every Lodge meeting but which, because they are silent, may
easily be overlooked.

J. S. M. Ward looked upon Freemasonry as a spiritual quest.
A Freemason, in his view, is on a quest for knowledge of God, and union
with God; he comes to Freemasonry to try to comprehend, through the use of
symbols, what God really is. His interpretations of Masonic rituals and
ceremonies are intended to open the readers eyes to the fact that there really
is a deeper meaning to Freemasonry.

In this book Ward touches on many religions, and other belief systems, but he
was always looking for a Christian interpretation of Masonic rites. His aim is
to persuade Freemasons to think more deeply about what they are doing in
their Lodges. He was a great Masonic scholar, whose views remain both
well-argued and entertaining.


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