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Darkness Visible - The Secrets of the Vaults

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Many people have speculated that Freemasonry has secrets, but what might these secrets be? What hidden mysteries lie buried within the Craft? In this stunning new novel, Ruth Staple, the daughter of a senior Freemason, becomes bound up in a global mystery – in which both her own life and that of her father are at stake. In a thrilling chase across continents she must unlock the secret of the vaults – before it is too late. If you have ever wondered what Freemasons mean when they talk about the “hidden mysteries of nature and science” then you will enjoy this intriguing mystery with a disturbing twist in its tale. “As good as Dan Brown – and a lot more believable.” – Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force adventure thrillers.

  • Paperback : 166 pages

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