Symbols and Mysteries - The Best of Ten Years of Freemasonry

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ISBN: 9690000039202
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This volume is certainly the most enthralling and interesting masonic miscellany ever published. This present publication brings together the best of those articles, highlighting aspects of masonic mysteries, of brotherhood in its many forms, of art, antiquities, history, charity and the core values of Freemasonry.

A subjects include

Discover the ancient technology that cannot exist! Read how the tsunami affected Freemasons and what Freemasonry did to help its victims, Learn how fascists have attacked Freemasonry in the past and what conspiracy theories anti masons propagate now, Inside the traditions and the rituals of the oddfellows , Why that catholic church feels its a sin to be a Freemason, The mysteries and secrets of ancient Egypt and the similarities between the ancient Egyptian tradition and Masonic symbolism, Does Freemasonry have its origins in the ancient mystery plays?, Investigations to see if the human mind and the human brain are one and the same. The balance between heart and mind, The art of sacred dreaming,The mysteries of Rosslyn chapel, Mozart and Freemasonry, Burns and Freemasonry, The Masonic rebellion in Liverpool, The Symbolism of the ancient guilds, Near death experiences, The symbolism behind the masonic degrees, The greater and lesser lights, The power of symbolism, the origins and aims of the seven liberal arts And much much more ………… .

Michael Baigent Revd Neville Barker Cryer Yasha Beresiner Julain Rees The Pro Grand Master of England, Lord Northamption Clemant Salman Robert Temple. .

SPECIAL OFFER - Paperback edition. .


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