Complete Lodge Secretary Software

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Complete Lodge Secretary Software
Complete Lodge Secretary Software
Complete Lodge Secretary Software
Complete Lodge Secretary Software
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ISBN: 9690000039059
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The Complete Lodge Secretary is a computer program that centralises Lodge information. It provides over 120 screens of Lodge management and ceremonial information, procedural guidance and reports based on the September 2012 version of Book of Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge of England.*

The Complete Lodge Secretary makes the role of Secretary less demanding by providing reports and information when and where required. It ensures that all membership and Lodge information is entered only once yet is available in any circumstance; receives and presents information in a format compatible with District, Provincial, Metropolitan and Grand Lodge requirements; gives assistance on procedures and Book of Constitution Rules for every circumstance; provides continuity by making Lodge history immediately accessible when a new Secretary takes office and ensures security of information by password access.

Package includes a link, full instructions and a code to enable download online. No need for a CD this link provides all you need to install everything on your computer and can be reused if you change computer or if the need arises.


Now only £60.00 for 1st year's licence upgrades and support

 Runs on all Windows Based Systems

NEW Version enables download of Lodge Data from Grand Lodge

Centralises and helps to manage:


  • Membership Details
  • Lodge Meeting information
  • Dining and attendance details
  • Lodge Officers and work in Lodge
  • Correspondence & action taken
  • LofI details and Work in Progress
  • Members' history & Offices held
  • Membership of other Lodges


Includes Reports for:



  • Phone, email & address details
  • Address labels
  • Annual and Installation Returns
  • Export to Excel for User Reports
  • Dining members and visitors
  • Lists for Risings
  • Apologies for absence
  • Correspondence



Provides Lodge management & ceremonial information for Secretaries with procedural assistance & reports.

*1 Permission for Lodge data down load granted by the Board of General Purposes of UGLE.  Implementation to be agreed by each Metropolitan or Provincial Office.
*2 Extracts from the Book of Constitutions are reproduced by kind permission of The Board of General Purposes of UGLE.

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