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Macoy's Modern Worshipful Masters Assistant

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Macoy's Modern Worshipful Masters Assistant
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ISBN: 9780853184515
(Approx $12.10)
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All the way from the USA!

In 1885, Robert Macoy wrote the Worshipful Master's Assistant. The first-ever handbook for Masonic lodge officers and it has remained continuously in print since its original release. Yet despite Freemasonry's unchanging nature, lodges and lodge officers face many challenges that Macoy couldn't foresee and didn't comment upon. Macoy's Modern Worshipful Master's Assistant, edited by past grand master Michael Halleran, retains the organizational and editorial style of Macoy's classic while presenting the twenty-first century lodge officer with practical and useful advice on lodge administration, the powers, prerogatives and responsibilities of the Master, subordinate officer's duties, lodge bylaws and committees, and Masonic law, all explained through comparative examples from grand jurisdictions across North America.  Combined with comprehensive and pertinent advice on Masonic best practices, Macoy's Modern Worshipful Master's Assistant sets a new and high standard for Masonic handbooks.Coming all the way from over the Atlantic this book will give the reader a guide to how things are done in America which may interest and inspire the reader.

  • Publisher : Macoy Publishing
  • Paperback  : 225 pages

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