The Complete Knights of St John Pack

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Pack of all 3 Books in the Series

Piety and the Sword, Volume 1, traces the history of Jerusalem, the establishment of the hospital of St John, the development of the military arm of the order and its establishment as one of the primary military orders in the Holy Land. Its chapter include:

  1. Jerusalem - Tracing its development from its earliest days through its trials and tribulations to its status as the 'Holy City' . How it became the centre of pilgrimage for three of the  world's main religions. 

  2. The Origins of the Hospital at Jerusalem -The origins of the Hospital of St John, its establishment and why it became pre-eminent amongst its peers. 

  3. The Capture of Jerusalem - The success of the First Crusade, its vicious aftermath and the politics of the Crusaders and the Muslim world. 

  4. The Order of the Knights of St John - the amalgamation of piety and the sword, how the Knights came into existence and why. 

  5. Hospitaller Holdings in the Holy Land - examining the multiplicity of the holdings in the Holy Land and the Middle East. The castles that formed their power base and the estates that supported them.

    'The Five Banners', Volume 2, traces the history of the order  from its final tumultuous period in the Holy Land, via Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete to its final home on the Island of Malta and investigates the victories and defeats, success and failures that it endured. Its chapter include:

  6. In Palestine 1187 - 1291- Tracing the fate of the Crusades from the glory of Jerusalem to the sad departure from Acre and the role that the Order played throughout. 

  7. Cyprus 1292 - 1571 - The development of the Order, the foundation of the Langues and its establishment as a maritime force. 

  8. The Knights of Rhodes 1309-1522 - The establishment of Rhodes as citadel of defiance, the attack of Suleiman the 1st and the bravery of the defenders 

  9. Candia 1523 - 1530 - the temporary refuge of Candia and the impact of the Knights on the Politics of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

  10. The Knights of Malta (1530-1798) - the history of the last bastion of the Order, tracing the sad decline of the order until the seizure of the island by Napoleon.

    The English Langue, Volume 3, we are introduced to the establishment of the Order in the British Isles and its impact on British History from the Peasant Revolt to its dissolution under Henry the Eight. In this volume we also learn how the modern Order of St John was re-established and the role that women have played in the Order throughout its history. 

  11. The Order in England: 1102 (?)-1579 - Its establishment at Clerkenwell, the impact of the Peasants Revolt and its influence on the Kings and Princes until its dissolution by Henry VIII 

  12. Commanderies and Holdings in England- Examining the range of Hospitaller holdings throughout England on a county by county basis 

  13. Hospitallers in Wales, Ireland and Scotland - Exploring the evidence of the Orders holdings and the impact they had on the governance of the Countries 

  14. The Role of Women in the Order - From its inception Women have played an important role in the Order. 

  15. The Order in England 1823 - to date - examining the resurgence of the Order, the changes this has meant and its impact on care during warfare and peace.

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