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Royal Arch Talks

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Royal Arch Talks
Royal Arch Talks
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Michael (Mike) Karn became a Freemason in 1987. He researched to find the answers to his
many queries regarding the Order, eventually leading him to present his findings by giving
Masonic talks. He has had two previous books published by Lewis Masonic, Lodge Talks and
Mark and Ark Talks.
Mike is a member of the research lodges of Temple of Athene and Quatuor Coronati and has
written many Masonic papers for presentation and published articles. In 2019, he was
appointed by the Grand Lodge as Prestonian Lecturer, his subject being Freemasonry and the
Great War.
Mike is a member of lodges and chapters in London and Middlesex and a Grand Officer in
the Craft, Royal Arch, and Mark Degrees.
There are 25 talks in this book covering a range of interesting Royal Arch topics, including:

Origins of the Royal Arch
Linking the Craft and the Royal Arch
Royal Arch Matters
Royal Arch Ritual
The Sojourners
Hiram Abif
Moses, Aholihab and Bezaleel
The Fall of Babylon
King Solomons Temple

The talks have been written primarily to be presented at convocations. However, they will
also clarify more about the Royal Arch and the characters involved and answer matters about
the Order that some may find confusing. Hopefully, they will explain too why there is an
indissoluble link between the Craft and the Royal Arch, why they are to be considered as one
organisation, and why a Master Mason should complete his journey in pure Antient
Each talk is separate and relatively detailed; if presented as written, each will last about 30
minutes. But if it is felt that a talk is too long, it can easily be reduced by omitting sentences,
paragraphs, or other details from the talk without changing the main topic. Some of the
information and dates in the talks have been included to explain a particular situation more
clearly and may be required to answer any questions.
The book has been produced in a convenient spiral-bound design so that a talk can be read
straight from the book and the pages easily turned. If presenting a talk, above all, make the
talk and any subsequent discussion as enjoyable as possible, Freemasonry is a wonderful
fraternity we should all enjoy!

Ring Bound

291 Pages

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