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The Square Magazine - December 1984

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SKU: SQU121984
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Sunderland Bicentenary      K. Herbert 

No Braver Officer: 8th Kaffir War (1851-3)    A.A. Cooper 

The Presidentís Lady: Personal View of Ladies Festival  Lynne Stokes

 The First Apron: Breeches Bible 1560    K.M. Forsyth

 A Hidden Stone: Foundation Stone of Exminster Hospital  C.R. Chudley 

Royal Arch Restrictions: Candidates Must be PMís of Craft Lodge G. Draffen 

Antient and Modern: Demonstration of 1765 Ceremony  A. Eadie 

Royal Ark Mariners: Jubilee Meeting in Cornwall   S.J. Hosking 

Storm in a Teacup: Methodists and Freemasonry 

Rulers of Man: Isle of Man The Hospital: 

Newsletter      B. Chacksfield 

Monitor: Clerkenwell; Quatuor Coronati;  

Extensions to Oxfordís Freemasonsí Hall; 

Methodist Masons; Press Church and Craft; 

Wallace McLeod Prestonian Lecturer (Photo) 

Letters: Methodist Criticism; Murder by Decree Books:

 Commentary on the Freemasonic Ritual by E.H. Cartwright  

Lodge of Research No CC Transactions  Chater-Cosmo Transactions Overseas: 

Distinguished Achievement Medal for Gene Autry;  New Houston Masonic Centre; Philately

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