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The Square Magazine - June 1988

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SKU: SQU061988
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The Prestonian Lectures      C.A.L. Stewart 

The First Ten Years: of Freemasonry in Mafeking   A.A. Cooper 

The Cable Tow: International Visiting in Europe   A.K. Brightman 

Ritual and Regalia: A Lewis and Lewis Masonic 

A Royal Resort: Sidmouth      

C.R. Chudley Memories of Madrid       

E.K. Lewis Stukeley – the Arch Druid      

J.A. Jackson Nature and Science: The Royal Masonic Hospital Monitor: 

Masonic Square Subscription Increase; Arcadian Circle;  

Daylight in Cornwall; 

Order of St Lazarus; 

Books: Some Royal Arch terms Examined by R.A. Wells 

 Freemasonry and the Christian Faith by H. Heino

 The Freemasons UGLE Video

  Jack the Ripper the Bloody Truth by M. Harris Letters: 

The Church and the Synod; Kirk to Study Freemasonry; 

 History of Lodge Summons; 

Peterhead Harbour Memorial Stone; Telford’s Mark

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