The Square Magazine - March 2018

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Sir John Soane and the Masonic Ark of the Covenant

Editor Philippa Lee delves into the fascinating life of architect and Freemason Sir John Soane and discovers his design for the Masonic Ark of the Covenant, of which a contemporary reconstruction was made to celebrate the 300 Years of English Freemasonry.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation
The first year report.

Meet the Author
In our new regular feature we will find out what makes our Masonic authors tick. In this issue we meet Craig Weightman, author of A Journey in Stone.

Square Comment: Enough is Enough
The recent unprecedented media attacks on Freemasonry garnered much interest and a superb response from UGLE – The Square looks at the aftermath.

A Concise Account of the Persecution of Freemasons
Centuries of persecution are described by Alex Lishanin, much of which is still pertinent today.

Let’s Talk Freemasonry
As the 10th Northern Masonic Conference approaches, we look at the origins of the conference and the work of the Education and Development Committee of East Lancashire Province.

1717 and All That
The eagerly awaited celebrations for the 300th anniversary of English Freemasonry have finally drawn to a close. But were we celebrating too early? A Symposium held by QCCC aims to look at the evidence.

Freemasonry and Social Media
A look at how social media is being utilised by Freemasons around the world and the impact it has.

Kipling’s Mother Lodge
Martin Bogardus looks at one of the most famous Freemasons and his iconic poetry.

The Entered Apprentice Toast
Martin Bogardus is a poet, writer and Associate Editor for the New Jersey Freemason magazine; here he treats us to his poem written to be presented to a newly initiated candidate.

Vitruvius: an Architect of the Craft
Andy Fear ponders the question ‘Who was the most influential Roman to ever live? The fascinating answer will surprise you.

Not Hiram Abif
Following on from earlier research, Jean-Yves Legouas explores ‘not Hiram Abif’ but Hiram, king of Tyre.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Italy
Sergio Prezioso takes us through a brief history of the Rite in Italy.

The Curious Case of the Chevalier d’Éon
Philippa Lee discovers the strange and enigmatic Enlightenment figure of Freemason, soldier and spy, Charles d’Éon de Beaumont.

Book Reviews
Featuring Heritage Endures (Christopher Hodapp), The Lost Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry (David Harrison) and Who was Hiram Abiff (J.S.M. Ward).

Freemasonry A-Z
A regular feature taking us through Freemasonry, from Abacus to Zerubbabel.

A Quarterly Advancement
Craig Weightman brings us a new column helping you to make a daily (and quarterly) advancement in your Masonic knowledge.

News, Views and Events
Keeping you informed about Freemasonry around the world.

Beyond the Craft
Michael Adams introduces the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine.

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