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The Square Magazine - December 2019

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From the Publisher

The Festival of Saint John the Evangelist
the role of the two Saints John within the Masonic calendar but specifically the role of the Evangelist in light of the forthcoming Feast Day on 27 December.

Archdeacon, The Rev. J.B. Craven: Theologian, Historian, Freemason, And Rosicrucian Scholar
Kenneth Jack explores the life and works of Rev J.B. Craven.

Benjamin Franklin and the Loge de Neuf Soeurs
Nigel Wade examines Benjamin Franklin’s association with the famous French Lodge.

Tales of Tam o’ Shanter
Martin Bogardus takes us on a journey exploring the legend of Tam o’ Shanter.

Is Neo Masonry Already Here?
Jean-Yves Legouas looks at how Freemasonry is changing with the times.

The Health Benefits of Learning Masonic Ritual
Martin Faulks examines the possible health benefits of ritual memorisation and performance.

Do You Profess a Belief in a Supreme Being?
Jaime Paul Lamb gives his thoughts on secularism and Freemasonry.

A Divergent Perspective on Freemasonry’s Membership Decline
Jaime Paul Lamb discusses the ongoing debate regarding the decline in Masonic membership.

Off by Heart
Mark Edmiston offers his personal experience of learning ritual.

Fire Safety for Masonic Meeting Places
The final missive from the late Brian Baker on safety in Masonic Centres.

Conduct Unbecoming:
The thorny subject of unethical or immoral behaviour.

Square Gold: One for the Ladies
On how to survive Ladies’ Night.

Rule of Three
Mark Edmiston muses upon the number ‘3’.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O’Neill offers his regular chippings collected whilst smoothing the ashlar.

A Quarterly Advancement
Craig Weightman’s regular column helping you to advance in your Masonic Knowledge.

Books and Reviews
A pick of the new books and forthcoming titles on Freemasonry.

Freemasonry A–Z
All you ever wanted to know and more!

Charity Works – PTSD Progress through Diving
Trevor Cowell shares his experience.

News and Events
Our regular round up of news and events happening in the world of Freemasonry.

Old Tiler Talks
A thought for Christmas.

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