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Rose Croix Essays - Hardback edition

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ISBN: 9780853182573
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Understand more clearly how this wonderful degree has grown to the successful and well-loved position it enjoys today in the Masonic Spectrum in England and Wales.

Subjects covered include the establishment and early years of the Supreme Council 33 for England and Wales, the birth of the Higher Degrees, the Constitutions of 1762 and the Grand Constitutions of 1786, the early rituals, the Intermediate Degrees and the evolution of today's English Rose Croix ritual.

This long awaited major piece of scholarship will undoubtedly become a standard work of reference for all members of the Ancient and Accepted Rite as well as for the wider public.

Approved by and produced with the sanction of the The Supreme Council 33 of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of England and Wales, this book contains a series of easy to perform, informative talks for performance in Rose Croix Chapters or to read at home.

297mm x 210mm, 160 printed pages, hardback



About the Author

Author's Foreword


The establishment of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite

for England and Wales


1 The Birth of Higher Degrees

2 The Early High Degrees

Appendix A. Geoffrey Whitney's 'Embleme'

3 Stephen Morin, Henry Francken and the Constitutions of 1762

Appendix A. Note on U.G.L.E. Copy of Francken's Manuscript

Appendix B. Degrees in Francken Manuscript

4 '1786 and All That'

5 The Grand Constitutions of 1786

6 Degrees 'Beyond the Craft' in England before the Union in 1813

7 French Attempts to Establish Higher Degrees in England

8 The events leading to the Patenting of 'The Supreme Council for England'

9 The early years of the 'Supreme Council for England'

Appendix. Verbatim extract from Henry Udall's explanatory letter to Sir John de La Pole dated 3rd July 1856

10 1850-1854 - Henry Udall guides the affairs of the Supreme Council

11 The Supreme Council encounters rough water -August 1853 to July 1856

Appendix. Procedure for Affiliation

12 The Henry Udall Affair


The Eighteenth or 'Rose Croix' Degree

13 The Earlier Rituals of the 'Rose Croix' Degree

14 The Third Point (Edited version of unpublished Paper by A. C. F. Jackson)

15 The Intermediate Degrees, 4th to 17th, both inclusive

Appendix A. 'Officers of bodies subordinate to a Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix' (Extract from S.C. Bye-Laws, November 1858)

Appendix B. Rulers of subordinate bodies, William de Irwin Chapter No.28, January 1871

16 The evolution of today's English 'Rose Croix' Ritual:

Part One. Manuscript Rituals prior to 1899

Appendix A. The furnishing of the rooms necessary for the conferment of the 18th Degree. ('Weymouth' Ritual, 1856)

Appendix B. Anthem at conclusion of Third Point

Appendix C. Alterations to the Ritual of the 18 Rose Croix, by the Supreme Council 11th February 1873.

Appendix D. Tracing Boards

Appendix E. Procedure for Affiliation, 'Invicta' Ritual 1864

17 The evolution of today's English Rose Croix Ritual:

Part Two. Printed Rituals from 1899

Appendix A. Anthem at Conclusion of Third Point

Appendix B. The wearing of swords in Rose Croix Chapters

Appendix C. Corrections for 18 Ritual (1951 Edition)


The Ancient and Accepted Rite in England - Selected Topics

18 The Supreme Council - Expansion Overseas

Appendix A. Dr. Kent's 'Letters of Credence'

Appendix B. The 'Concordat' of 1893

Appendix C. Rules for the 30 in South Africa (1921)

19 The Chapters in the West

Appendix A. Members of the Supreme Council active in the Grand Conclave, 1847-1860

Appendix B. David Nash's letter of 1858

20 The 'Rose Croix' Brethren at Bottoms and Rochdale

Appendix A. Warrant of "lst Yorkshire Union Band" (1819)

Appendix B. Whereabouts of Warrants etc.

Appendix C. Warrant of "Rochdale Chapter No.I" (1871)

21 The Supreme Council of England etc. 1845-2004 - an overview

Appendix A. Concordat with Ireland and Scotland

Appendix B. The definition of The Degree of the Red Cross of Babylon

Appendix C. Letter of Grand Secretary re 'Memphis', 24th Oct. 1859



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