The Square and Compasses Tarot

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The Square & Compass Tarot


This unique, privately printed deck was produced by W.Bro P.C. Browne PZ for Freemasons and those inspired by the symbols of Freemasonry.

Beautifully produced, this artistic deck is inspired by the principles of Freemasonry and draws on the symbolism of the three craft degrees and the Holy Royal Arch and Mark Master Mason degrees.

The deck follows the finest tradition of tarot, and uses the template of the four suits, which the artist has related to the path of a Mason and the study of the liberal arts.

The 22 Major Arcana included in the deck are

Le Fou (The Fool) 
Le Bateleur (The Magician) 
La Papesse (The High Priestess) 
L'Imperatrice (The Empress) 
L' Empereur (The Emperor) 
Le Pape (The Hierophant) 
Les Amoureux (The Lovers) 
Le Chariot (The Chariot) 
La Force (Strength)
L' Ermite (The Hermit) 
La Roue De Fortune (The Wheel Of Fortune) 
La Justice (Justice)
Le Pendu (The Hanged Man)
La Mort (Death)
La Temperance (Temperance)
Le Diable (The Devil) 
Le Feu Du Ciel (The Tower) 
Les Etoiles (The Star)
La Lune (The Moon) 
Le Soleil (The Sun) 
Le Judgment (Judgment)
Le Monde (The World) 


The cards themselves are 2 1/2" by 4 3/8", on good quality glossy card stock. They are very easily handled. The back of the cards shows a white background, with the square and compass glyphs on the top and bottom of the card in black, with the points in to the centre so that there is no way of knowing whether the card has been placed in an upright or a reversed position. The card face shows a 1/4" white border, with a Gray background to the inset. For the Pips, the card number is in black at the top - there are no titles, but the cards do contain pictures. The Court Cards contain no numbers and no titles.

The deck comes with an instruction booklet which explains the full symbolism and meaning of each card. This will be of great interest to anyone interested in the kabbala and the deeper meaning of masonic symbols

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