The Square Magazine - June 2011

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The Square - The Independent Magazine for Freemasons

It's what all Masons are talking about. The Square magazine now has a new look and is in a larger format, bringing you more interesting and thought provoking articles, from an independent point of view. Plus, a chance for you to contribute and see your lodge highlighted, plenty of special features, a humorous look at masonic life and even a strip cartoon and a caption competition, where YOU can win a prize!


Editor: Richard Gan

Contents include:

 The Royal Arch 
David Williamson - An edited version of a recent address by the Third Grand Principal, encapsulating a number of ideas to move the Royal Arch

Leslie Felgate Dring 
Steve Chadburn - A new series of Caricatures of leading Freemasons

One of my other interests is... 
Gordon Bourne - Salmon Fishing is just one of the other interests of one of our most senior masons

The Revd. Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers
- the third Grand Master
Alan Wondzinski - Concluding the story of The Revd. Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers; one of the most influential figures in the history of Grand Lodge who has been described as the Father of Modern freemasonry

Freemasonry and Youth 
Ralph Wheeler - Links between Scouting, Freemasonry and other youth groups are explored.

Freemasonry and Family History 
Diane Clements - Freemasonry can provide details and links that can provide family historians with a wider view of their ancestors

A Journey from Merthyr to Sydney:
A Talented Portrait Painter
Graham John Wilcox - A fascinating example showing exactly how Freemasonry can provide family historians with a wider view of their ancestors

The Masonic Order of Athelstan 
Paul Johnstone - An update on the progress of one of the less well known, but rapidly expanding, Orders of Freemasonry

'Energy irresistible': Laurence Dermott 
Ann Pilcher-Dayton - Laurence Dermott, first Grand Secretary of the Antient Grand Lodge, and his contribution to Freemasonry

The making of a jewel 
The making of a Past Master's jewel is more complex than you think.

Masonic Ephemera:
Some Eighteenth Century Newspapers Yasha Beresiner - Newspapers may be considered the most classical of all ephemeral items. Coincidentally, the earliest recorded use of the word 'ephemera' refers to newspapers

The Volume of the Sacred Law 
Fred Lomax - One of a Series of 5 Minute Talks

Brother Brother's Journal 
Michael Halleran - A Cowan, by G-d - The recollections of a nineteenth-century American gentleman of the Craft

Some Thoughts on Masonic Ritual 
Chris Oversby - Masonic misunderstandings, in the ritual or perhaps just pure Masonic sloppiness?

The Square Debate 
Dr. Revd. Peter Blackwell-Smyth - Pat Streams - Should membership of the Craft be limited to those professing a belief in a Supreme Being?

The Allied Masonic Degrees 
John Paternoster - The inter-connection of the five Allied Masonic Degrees form a mirror for our Path of Life

Strength in Poverty 
Julian Rees - In misfortune and adversity we begin to see the truth

Your Masonic Questions Answered 
Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field

Point of View 
Pat Streams - Pat Streams challenges the conventional views on both the use of charitable funds and the organisation of Ladies' Festivals

Opinion 55
Peter Panic - Peter Panic explores the concept of Freemasonry and the 'shared-experience'

...fugit inreparabile tempus 
John Acaster - A birthday reflection upon mortality

The QC Column 
Jim Daniel - News from the premier lodge of research

Sprig of Acacia 
Canon Richard Tydeman and Henry Lee are remembered

Letters to the Editor

Square Humour and Cannon's Corner 
The funny side of Freemasonry

Masonic Philately 
Maurice Beazley - Masonry embraces philately

News and Forthcoming Events

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