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The Square Magazine - June 2018

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Portrait of an Artist
Editor Philippa Lee talks to Travis Simpkins, the artist taking the Masonic world by storm

Meet the Author
In this issue we meet Paul Sparks, author of A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer

Masonic Symbolism in the Blue Velvet Room at Chiswick House, London
Historian Ricky Pound gives us a fascinating insight into the discrete symbolism found within the ‘Blue Velvet Room’ at Chiswick House

Celebrating the Tercentenary
Aubrey Newman applauds Quatuor Coronati Lodge for their important historical and thought-provoking contributions to the Tercentenary year

The Three Graces – Faith, Hope and Charity
Exploring the origin and symbolism of the three virtues – Faith, Hope and Charity

The Initiation and the Initiate
Jean-Yves Legouas explores the beauty and complexity of Masonic Initiation

Masonic Education
Richard Wood delights us with tales of his extensive travels across the globe, in his role delivering ‘a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge’

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O’Neill is back with his regular ‘chippings’

The Decline of Men, and What Freemasons Need to Do About It
Chris Hodapp confronts a vitally pertinent issue

Around the Block
Cowles Travelling Apron: S. Brent Morris offers a fascinating insight into one of the artefacts housed in the Supreme Council Museum

The Lewis Travels North and South
a notable perspective on the symbolism of the Lewis by Mark J Edmiston and David A Reid

A Report on the Fifth International Symposium of Freemasonry in Turkey
Okan Yunusoglu gives us his report on the recent symposium of Freemasonry in Turkey

Focus On…Warrington Museum of Freemasonry
A look at the ‘hidden gem’ within Warrington Masonic Hall

A Quarterly Advancement
Craig Weightman offers his quarterly advancement in Masonic knowledge – the subject this issue is the Great Architect of the Universe

Book Reviews
N. G. Macleod reviews I Greet You Well by Mike Lawrence, and Tony Baker looks at Richard A. Crane’s …And Illustrated by Symbols

Freemasonry A-Z
Continuing on from the last issue, a comprehensive guide to Freemasonry…from A-Z

your queries, musings and thoughts

News, Views and Events
Catch up on what’s been happening and find out what is forthcoming

Beyond the Craft – The Order of the Secret Monitor
Michael Adams continues his look at the appendant Orders of Freemasonry

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