Reflections on 300 Years of Freemasonry

by QCC
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Produced by members of the world's premier Lodge of research. The Proceedings of the Quatuor Coronati Conference held at Queens' College Cambridge as part of the celebrations of the Tercentenary of the foundation of the first Grand Lodge in England and as such contains almost fifty well researched essays on every aspect of English Freemasonry since that date.


Contributions Include (subjects and speaker may be due to amendment)


Illustrations of Masonry


Yasha Beresiner: 300 Years of Masonic Caricatures  


 Martin Cherry: Illustrations of Masonry: the frontispieces of the Books  of Constitutions, 1723 to 1819


Richard Burch-Smith: Early Freemasonry in the British Colony of Demerary Essequibo 1813-1835 


Michael Allan: Freemasonry in Mauritius 



Illustrations of Masonry:Freemasonry in the Colonies  FITZPATRICK HALL  BOWETT ROOM 


Diane Clements:  Masonic Yearbooks and the development of   Provincial Identity


 Aubrey Newman:  The Evolution of the Province and the Provincial   Grand Lodge in English Freemasonry 


 Gerald Reilly:  The Urbanisation of Harwich 1832-1914:   The Role of Freemasons in Particular. 


 John Cooper III:  Freemasonry and Nation-Building on the Pacific Coast:   The California Experience 


 Aimee E. Newell:  British Freemasonry Comes to the New World: The First   Ten Years of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts 


  Mark Tabbert  George Washington, General Grand Master of Freemasons  in the United States of America...or not?


Other Degrees in Freemasonry


John Acaster: The Royal Arch before the Union and its particular adoption among the Moderns 


John Belton: My Brother - Just One More Degree? 


Richard Gan: The Full Spectrum of Freemasonry


 Freemasonry in the USA



Richard Berman: The Social Origins of Freemasonry in the Deep South  

Brian W Price: Prince Hall Masonry 


Hilary Stelling : English Transfer-Printed Presentation Pitchers in New England Lodges


The Sun is Always at its Meridian


Kent Henderson: The Origins of Australian Freemasonry 


Mike Kearsley: Masonry in New Zealand  


Kenneth Marcus: A Brotherhood of Constitutions -  South and Southern Africa 1811 - 2017


Tony Baker:  Freemasonry in the Encyclopedia Britannica  


Robert Cooper :The impact of the formation of the Grand Lodge of England on Freemasonry in Scotland 


Barry Hoffbrand: Portrait of the first Noble Grand Masterimages of John, second Duke of Montagu


Masonry in Asia, China, and India


Anthony Atkinson: 250 Years of Freemasonry in Asia  


Lisa Hellman: The first lodge in China: an international hub in 18th century Canton 

Roeinton Khambatta Close Encounters of Different Kinds


Masonry in Italy, Russia and Turkey


Maxine Gilhuys and Lucio Artini: Tuscany at the beginning of the XVIII Century: the English Lodge in Florence 


Antony Lentin: A masonic utopia in the Russia of Catherine the Great 


Emanuela Locci:  The first English Lodge in the Ottoman Empire. The Oriental Lodge No. 687


Dukes and Kings  


Paul Calderwood: Royal Connection in the Twentieth Century  


John Wade: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Rulers of the Craft  


Andreas C. Rizopoulos: Focusing on less known aspects of the life of Augustus Duke of Sussex


Anti-Masonry and Italy 


David J Peck: 1940's - Hitler, the greatest threat to English Freemasonry 


Fabio Venzi: Freemasonry and the Catholic Church   


Demetrio Xoccato: Friendship and prejudice: the relations between the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Orient of Italy


Red Aprons, Mathematics and War 


Jonathan Dowson: Jerusalem Lodge No 197 ( f.1731)  


Steven Smith: The early Eighteenth-century Masonic connections of Mathematical Instrumentmaker Jonathan Sisson (1692-1749) 


Michael Beacham: Military visitors to Guernsey


Dr Brent Morris: The Impact of English Freemasonry on America and vice versa 


Andreas Onnefors:  The Freemasons' Magazine 1793-1798 


Róbert Péter:  Freemasonry in the eighteenth-century British press:   unmapped sources and novel research methods 


Susan Snell:  The art of discovering Masonic history: how to find gems  among the archives at the Library and Museum of   Freemasonry


Jan Snoek:  Preston's Harodim Lectures and the UGLE Craft Rituals 


Susan Sommers and Andrew Prescott:  James Anderson: a Child of His Times  


Yoshio Washizu:  English Freemasonry - A Product of Club Movement?


Professor Andrew Prescott: in association with Professor Susan Sommers Searching for the Apple Tree  




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