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AQC Vol. 121 Hardback 2008

by wade
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SKU: 1905308810
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Volume 121 - 2008
Papers Delivered in the Lodge 2007-2008

Itinerant Masonic Lecturers (Inaugural Address)

S. Brent Morris page 1

Over Thar' a little way: Masonic Mercies in the American Civil War

Michael A. Halleran page 21

The Saga of George Cooke: An Anglo-American Interlude

J. M. Hamill, R. B. F. Khambatta, T. Savini & W. J. Thomas page 53

An Historical Outline of Freemasons on the Internet

Trevor McKeown page 71

Other Papers

The Publishers of the 1723 Book of Constitutions

Andrew Prescott page 147

Resurgam: Does Rejuvenation await Freemasonry?

John Belton page 163

Freemasonry in the 9th Regiment of Foot

James W. Reddyhoff page 163

Freemasonry in the 10th Regiment of Foot

James W. Reddyhoff page 183

Freemasonry in the 20th Regiment of Foot

James W. Reddyhoff page 193

The Communication of Status: An Essential Function of Symbols

Robert G. Davis page 207

Masonic Musical Myths: the case of Beethoven

Christopher Powell page 219

Notes and Queries

page 227

Letters to the Editor

page 239


Bro. I. Harry Mendoza

John M. Hamill page 241

Book Reviews

The Genesis of Freemasonry
David Harrison

Reviewed by Bro Gordon Davie page 244

The Rosslyn Hoax?
Robert L. D. Cooper

Reviewed by Bro Adam Kendall page 245

The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown

Reviewed by Bro Trevor McKeown page 247

Committed to the Flames: The History and Rituals of a Secret Masonic Rite
Bros Arturo de Hoyos & S. Brent Morris

Reviewed by Michael A. Halleran page 250

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