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Lewis Masonic is a long established firm, founded in 1886, specializing in the publication of Masonic texts. Then called A Lewis, the focus of the company was exclusively on ritual books from Masonic Craft degrees through to the Masonic side orders.

In 1973, A Lewis became part of Ian Allan Publishing and the name was changed from 'A Lewis' to 'Lewis Masonic'. Nowadays, ritual books are still kept a priority at Lewis Masonic but the company's focus has expanded to cover all areas of Masonic publishing.

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Author Spotlight:  Martin Faulks

Masonic Mnemonic Magus, Martin Faulks has dedicated his life to the study of the mind sciences. A keen and dedicated practitioner of meditation and the kindred arts, Martin is well known for his demonstrations of feats of mind over matter and photographic memory. Indeed Martin is known to be the first person to be able to demonstrate practical mastery of the memory system of Renaissance  Hermeticist Giordano Bruno, a feat that previously many experts thought was not possible.

A keen London Freemason Martins Masonic writings focus on the Craft as a path of cultivation of virtue, good character and improvement of the mind.

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Martin is available for Lodge and Chapter talks on Freemasonry and the Art of Memory Martin@lewismasonic.co.uk

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