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Lewis Masonic is a long established firm, founded in 1886, specializing in the publication of Masonic texts. Then called A Lewis, the focus of the company was exclusively on ritual books from Masonic Craft degrees through to the Masonic side orders.

In 1973, A Lewis became part of Ian Allan Publishing and the name was changed from 'A Lewis' to 'Lewis Masonic'. Nowadays, ritual books are still kept a priority at Lewis Masonic but the company's focus has expanded to cover all areas of Masonic publishing.

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ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 116 hbk
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Brethren In Chivarly
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Carved in Stone
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Changing Face of the RMBI
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Middlesex 150
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Preceptor's Handbook
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Author Spotlight:  Josef Wäges, Reinhard Markner (editors), and Jeva Singh-Anand (translator)


Josef Wäges is a Freemason, amateur historian, and author of the forthcoming book The Columbian Illuminati.

Reinhard Markner (*1967) is a German historian and philologist. An expert in early modern secret societies, he is the chief editor of Die Korrespondenz des Illuminatenordens (2 vols, 2005/13). He is a member of the Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt and currently works as a researcher at the University of Innsbruck.


Jeva Singh-Anand (1966-2015) was a Freemason and the translator of three full-length Illuminati related source documents, including The Secret School of Wisdom.


Top Titles

The Secret School of Wisdom (paperback) - The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati
By Josef Wäges, Reinhard Markner (editors), and Jeva Singh-Anand (translator)