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About Lewis Masonic

Lewis Masonic is a long-established firm, founded in the nineteenth century, specializing in the publication of Masonic texts. Then, called A Lewis, the focus of the company was exclusively on ritual books, from Masonic Craft degrees to Masonic side orders.

Over the years the name of the company slowly changed from 'A Lewis' to 'Lewis Masonic'. Nowadays, ritual books are still kept a priority at Lewis Masonic but the company's focus has expanded to cover all areas of Masonic publishing.


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Featured Books
The Full Spectrum of Freemasonry
RRP: £25.00
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The Fellow Crafts Friend
RRP: £12.00
SAVE: £0.00
From Labour To Refreshment
RRP: £15.00
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Tectonic Art
RRP: £7.50
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 Ark Of The Covenant -Figurine
RRP: £73.33
SAVE: £0.00
The Silver Matchbox
RRP: £16.00
SAVE: £0.00
How the Mark Acquired the Ark
RRP: £15.00
SAVE: £0.00
The Globe Lodge History 1723 - 2023
RRP: £30.00
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Special Offers
A Questioning Eye On Freemasonry
RRP: £15.00
SAVE: £10.00
ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 116 Hardback
RRP: £20.00
SAVE: £17.50
Butterfly Tai Chi (DVD)
RRP: £16.25
SAVE: £14.58
Finding The Mark
RRP: £10.00
SAVE: £5.00
Good Night Irene
RRP: £15.00
SAVE: £14.50
I Greet You Well
RRP: £14.99
SAVE: £9.99
Making A Daily Advancement
RRP: £19.99
SAVE: £14.99

Author Spotlight:  Jeremy Bell

Jeremy Bell was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland where his grandfather had been a Past Master. He emigrated to America in his 20s and affiliated with Columbian Lodge in Boston, MA. He was privileged to be Grand Lodge Piper for the state, and presents his talk on Freemasonry in lodges across the city.


Jeremy Bell has written articles on Freemasonry for the British Art Journal and for the monthly publication of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. He was asked to contribute a paper to a recent anthology that commemorated the 250th anniversary of Hogarth's passing: Hogarth: 50 New Essays: International Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century English Art.

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A Freemason's Harlot
By Jeremy Bell