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The Square Magazine - September 2011

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The Square - The Independent Magazine for Freemasons

It's what all Masons are talking about. The Square magazine now has a new look and is in a larger format, bringing you more interesting and thought provoking articles, from an independent point of view. Plus, a chance for you to contribute and see your lodge highlighted, plenty of special features, a humorous look at masonic life and even a strip cartoon and a caption competition, where YOU can win a prize!


Editor: Richard Gan

Contents include:

The 'Middle Chamber' at the Heart of the United Nations Building, New York
Tony Barstow - How can Dag Hammarskjold, a non- Freemason, who died exactly fifty years ago, offer any elucidation of something as quintessentially Masonic as the Second Degree Tracing Board?

John Hale
Steve Chadburn - One of a series of Caricatures of leading Freemasons

One of my other interests is...
Charles Grace - Providing day outings and holidays on waterways for disabled and seriously-ill people of all ages is just one of the other interests of one of our most senior masons

Back Down the Bailey
Andrew Prescott - The reports of nineteenth century criminal trials at the Old Bailey have now been made available online and help us to understand the importance of Freemasonry in culture and society

The Family of Masonry in the United States
Alison Gardner, Martin Cherry - A major new exhibition at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry explores the role of Freemasonry in American society from its eighteenth century origins to the present day.

The Magic of the Gold Thread
Gold thread and gold wire are major components in the manufacture of Masonic regalia

The Adventures of a Prestonian Lecturer
Wayne Warlow - Some of the adventures during his year as the Prestonian Lecturer for 2010

Thinking about the Royal Arch
Duncan Moore - Why join the Royal Arch?

Grand Order of Water Rats
Bernard Williamson - The Grand Order of Water Rats whose motto is Philanthropy, Conviviality and Social Intercourse, is a world-renowned fraternity of showmen

John Staples Keddell:
A Masonic Stalwart of Victorian Kent John Watson - The story of a remarkable Kent freemason

Dr Wilhelm Begemann vs. the English Masonic History Establishment: A Love-Hate Story
Alain Bernheim - Why, despite being an eminent and prolific masonic author did Dr Wilhelm Begemann never become a member of, Quatuor Coronati, the premier lodge of research

Enjoy the Drama and Colour of the Royal Arch
Keith Tallon - The Second Grand Principal, George Pipon Francis, addresses the annual dinner of the Aldersgate Chapter of Improvement

Saul, The First King of Israel
Louis Keats - Whilst many may be familiar with the exchange: Saul, first King of Israel. Zedekiah, last King of Judah; not all will know about the background of the first King of Israel and of the United Monarchy

One for the Ladies:
How to survive Ladies' Night
Philippa Faulks - Help is at hand for the 'Lady' on her Ladies' Night

Book Reviews
Michael Barnes - Ritual in Mind
- Knights Hospitaller
Martin Cherry - The Red Triangle
John Acaster - The Early Masonic Catechisms

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - A new series of snippets of Masonic miscellanea

The Ashlars
Fred Lomax - One of a Series of 5 Minute Talks

Royal Arch - far from ephemeral!
Yasha Beresiner - Whilst Royal Arch ephemera is plentiful, on this occasion Yasha takes the opportunity to clarify the place of Royal Arch Masonry in England

Brother Brother's Journal
Michael Halleran - Ignorance Abroad - The recollections of a nineteenth-century American gentleman of the Craft

The Square Debate
The previous two debates - should membership of certain Masonic Orders be restricted to those professing the Christian Trinitarian Faith; and that of the Craft to a belief in a Supreme Being have generated a substantial postbag

The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
John Paternoster - An Order that opens the vistas of Masonry far beyond that which any Brother might expect

Strength in Poverty
Julian Rees - In misfortune and adversity we begin to see the truth

Peter Panic - Masonic Secret Handshake declared a Myth!

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field

Point of View
Pat Streams - Pat Streams has a nostalgic look at some of the largest postbags he has received

Take Me as I Take You
John Acaster - Reflections from Washington on the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry

The QC Column
Gordon Davie - News from the premier lodge of research

Letters to the Editor

Square Humour and Cannon's Corner
The funny side of Freemasonry

Masonic Deltiology
Maurice Beazley - An introduction to Masonic Postcards

What is it?
An answer and another masonic item to identify

News and Forthcoming Events

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