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The Square Magazine - March 2012

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Freemasonry in the Edwardian City
Andrew Prescott - Freemasonry was more prominent in the daily life of the Edwardian society than it is today

Caricature - J. Alan Wright
Steve Chadburn - One of a series of Caricatures of leading Freemasons

Forgotten Factor
Reverend Neville Barker Cryer - Those who attack Freemasonry have little knowledge or understanding of its purpose

2012: Dickens' Year
2012 is the bicentenary of the birth of the novelist Charles Dickens, whilst not a Freemason he was great friends with several Freemasons and occasionally refers to Freemasonry in his novels

The Leicester Masonic Table
David Hughes - More about the discovery a Masonic marble pietre dure table

City Centre Masonic Halls:
past their sell by date?
John Belton - The 1930s saw a peak in the number of new Masonic Halls. Many were very grand but do they continue to meet the needs of Brethren in this day and age

Freemasonry and the Royal National
Lifeboat Institution
Paul Hurst - Since 1871, Freemasons have collectively supported the work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and helped to provide fourteen lifeboats, which have been involved in saving over 1,000 lives

A Poor Candidate
Duncan Moore - In this day and age of Masonic decline, it is easy to let our guard drop and allow a candidate to be proposed about whom we might otherwise have had reservations

Quatuor Coronati: Sculptors or Soldiers?
Roeinton Khambatta - Do we honour the sculptors or the soldiers as the Crowned Martyrs? 'Quinque Sculptores' or 'Quatuor Coronati'?

The Splendid Bankrupt
Paul Hooley - The story of Nottingham's other Robin Hood who was also a sheriff and friend of Royalty and who claimed, with some justification, to have put cycles and pneumatic tyres on every road and Bovril on every table

Will The Real Mark Tracing
Board Stand Up? Alan Trotter - The history of the Mark Tracing Board is re-traced

Mount Sinai
John Mitchell - At least five different mountains have been considered as being the true location - but is Mount Bedr in Saudi Arabia the original?

Freemasonry in Austria - a model for the future?
Peter Hoffer - Believe it or not, there exists a country where Freemasonry is not in decline

What Freemasonry means to me
Stuart Smith - Highly commended in the 2011 East Lancashire Short Papers Competition

The Square Debate
The 'Square Debate' in the December issue between the Deputy Grand Master, Jonathan Spence, and Julian Rees that Freemasonry does not deal in spirituality has generated a considerable response

I left and returned
The personal reflections of a Freemason who left the Craft but then returned

Brother Brother's Journal
Michael Halleran - Scents and Nonsense
The recollections of a nineteenth-century American gentleman of the Craft

Hidden within the Words
John Paternoster - Gematria is the study of the numerical value of words. As such every word has a numerical value and many believe that words that have the same numerical value or which are anagrams of each other have some underlying connection

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - Snippets of Masonic miscellanea

Scotland is different...
Yasha Beresiner - Written with the knowledge and authority of a newly affiliated, proud and privileged member of Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field

Point of View: Problems...
Pat Streams - Re-visits a number of recurring Masonic problems

You Can Do It
Julian Rees - There are different ways of attracting attention

Book Review
Michael Barnes - The Emulation Pocket Series - Men, Not Walls, Make The City

1646 and all that
John Acaster - Learning from the old and the new is the theme for 2012 in the Manchester Association for Masonic Research

The Black and White or Chequered Pavement
Fred Lomax - One of a Series of 5 Minute Talks

The QC Column
Gordon Davie - News from the premier lodge of research

Square Humour and Cannon's Corner
The funny side of Freemasonry

Masonic Philately and India
Maurice Beazley

Leicester Lodge of Research
David Sharpe - News from the Leicester Lodge of Research

News and Forthcoming Events

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