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The Square Magazine September 2012

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From the Editor 5

Photographic Credits

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Grand Lodge of Wigan 6

David Harrison - The story of a Masonic rebellion and the establishment of an independent Grand Lodge in the north-west of England which started in 1823 and lasted until 1913.

A Masonic England XI to win the Ashes

Martin Cherry - An England cricket team made up entirely of Freemasons; all of whom were actively playing first class cricket when they were initiated.

Caricature - Richard Victor Wallis  13

Steve Chadburn - One of a series of Caricatures of leading Freemasons.

Sir Christopher Wren and Freemasonry 15

Dr James Campbell - The question of whether Sir Christopher Wren was a Freemason is controversial. Dr James Campbell, architectural historian and 2011 Prestonian Lecturer, looks again at the evidence.

Philo-Musicae et Architecturae Societas Apollini 17

Alan Wondzinski - In 1725, a music society was founded with the unwritten rule that as a prerequisite for membership, one had to be a Freemason; if a non-Mason wished to join, he would first have to be initiated into Freemasonry.

'Fower Nowt One' - Royal Forest Lodge No. 401 and the Waddington Stone 22

Fred Lomax - For those outside the area of the Houses of York and Lancaster, the number of this well-loved Lodge, given in local dialect, may seem rather strange but that is how it is known to Masons in the area.

Prince Leopold: Duke of Albany 25

Rod Taylor - A prince of the Blood Royal 'who displayed the greatest enthusiasm in his Masonic labours'.

'I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky' - Reflections of an obsolescent Mason. 27

Tony Barstow - Is it not time to concentrate once more on the content rather than the form - namely to address the question of the 'why' rather than the 'how'?

Freemasonry in France: Part 2
The Grande Loge Nationale Francaise (GLNF) 1913 to 2012

John Belton - Freemasonry in France has again been in the news and sadly recent events in the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) brings little credit to Freemasonry in general.

Brotherly Love ? 35

Aubrey Newman - Two notices, in The Freemasons' Magazine placed one after the other, reveal an intriguing instance of Masonic rivalry.

Gauntlets 35

Fred Lomax - One of a Series of 5 Minute Talks.

Understanding Membership & Recruitment Part 2: 
Approaching Recruitment as a Lodge?

Martin Roche - This is the second of three short articles addressing the issues of recruitment and retention and it is hoped providing simple and practical advice.

Revisiting Ritual  '...until time or circumstances shall restore the genuine' 39

Reverend Neville Barker Cryer - Certain phrases in our ritual are so often encountered and so easily repeated that we do not always realise the full content of what has been said.

Born a Mason, Made a Mason 40

Paul Hooley - A man who was born a Mason, was made a Mason and who, as is the hope of every Mason, 'lived respected and died regretted'.

Letters to the Editor 42

Brother Brother's Journal 46

Michael Halleran - Rough Riding - The recollections of a nineteenth-century American gentleman of the Craft.

Hidden deeper Within 49

John Paternoster - From the Bible we are made aware of three distinct and different levels - or worlds - and these are the Worlds of Creation, Formation and Material manifestation.

Ashlar Chippings 51

Hugh O'Neill - Snippets of Masonic miscellanea.

Masonic Patronage of the Theatre 53

Yasha Beresiner - Freemasonry as a great supporter of the arts, particularly of the theatre during the eighteenth century.

Your Masonic Questions Answered 55

Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field

Point of View: Musings of an Old Mason - The Widows of the Lodge 57

Are the widows of former lodge members an increasing and unnecessary financial burden on some lodges?

The Square Debate - Past Grand Rank - should it be abolished? 59

David Searle - Past, as opposed to Active, Grand Rank has no place in Freemasonry - or does it?

Square Humour and Square Poetry 61

The funny and poetic side of Freemasonry.

Of Pride and Passion 63

John Acaster - Since time immemorial there has always been a strong affinity between Freemasonry and Poetry.

Book Reviews 65 Freemasonry in Leicestershire and Rutland - 
The 'Other' Orders and Degrees - 
Aubrey Newman, David Hughes and Don Peacock

Man and Mason - Rudyard Kipling - Richard Jaffa

The QC Column 67

Gordon Davie - News from the premier Lodge of Research.

Symbolism of the Rose 68

Wynn Westcott - The work of great Masonic giants written many years ago are as relevant today as they were when first published.

Leicester Lodge of Research 70

David Sharpe - News from the Leicester Lodge of Research

Monitor 70

News and Forthcoming Events

What is it? 70

Some more Masonic items to identify


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