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The Square Magazine - September 2013

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From the Editor 
Photographic Credits

Thomas Dunkerley - A Masonic Hero and/or an Imposter? 
Susan Sommers - An introduction to Susan Sommer's excellent book. 
Readers of The Square can receive an exclusive 40% discount.

Freemasonry in New England
David Harrison - An exploration of the fascinating history of Freemasonry in Massachusetts, a history entwined with the American War of Independence.

The 4th ICHF, International Conference on the History of Freemasonry
John Belton - Over forty papers were presented at what is considered one of the most prestigious Masonic conferences in the world - space only permits a few to be highlighted.

Freemasons in the East of Scotland and the Jacobite Uprising of 1745-1746
Iain D McIntosh - The situation of Freemasonry and the lodges in the north-east of Scotland during the Jacobite uprising of 1745-46 is an interesting story.

Resurgam Re-visited
Richard Collins - A unique and exciting find regarding the Goose and Gridiron

Freemasonry - What's the Point?
Richard Anthony - A Masonic Talking Heads with apologies to Alan Bennett.

Charles Mackay: Freemason, Journalist, Writer, Poet; Author of Tubal Cain
Kenneth C Jack - Mackay was a very accomplished writer and poet. It is difficult to believe that his membership of the Craft did not influence the writing of the famous verses of his poem 'Tubal Cain'.

The Language of the Ritual
Bob Sillett - An edited version of the 2008 Prestonian Lecture

What's in a Name?
Paul Hooley - An explanation of the derivation of Mentor.

Square Debate - 'That which is Lost'
Jeffrey Monnickendam - Recent issues of The Square have focused on the ritual of the Royal Arch: the debate continues.

Point of View: The Future of Freemasonry - Time for a Rethink?
Pat Streams - The Future of Freemasonry is given a thorough review.

Anti-Masonic Papal Bulls
Yasha Beresiner - The subject of Papal Bulls, which remains the greatest manifestation of the controversial concept of Papal infallibility.

'Thoughts from the East' - 'A Peculiar System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols'
Christopher Powell - Nowadays 'peculiar' normally means 'odd' or 'weird' and it is clear no-one is suggesting that Freemasonry is an odd or weird system of morality.

The Occult Origin of the Zodiacal Signs
Wynn Westcott - The work of great Masonic giants written many years ago are as relevant today as they were when first published.

Caricature - Nigel Scott-Moncrieff
Steve Chadburn - One of a series of caricatures of leading Freemasons.

Revisiting Ritual - 'They planted themselves...at the east, north, and south entrances whither our Master had retired to pay his adoration to the Most High'
Reverend Neville Barker Cryer - Certain phrases in our ritual are so often encountered and so easily repeated that we do not always realise the full content of what has been said. 

Some Other Fraternal Societies
Fred Lomax - One of a series of 5-Minute Talks.

Spring of Acacia
Michael Baigent and the Revd Neville Barker Cryer are remembered.

Brother Brother's Journal
Michael Halleran - The Appointment 
The recollections of a nineteenth-century, American gentleman of the Craft.

Pilgrim Preceptors
John Paternoster - Whilst there are a plethora of very small Orders in our Masonic world, there are a few which stand out, either because of their links to our Masonic stories or else because they carry a deep and meaningful lesson.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - Snippets of Masonic miscellanea.

Letters and emails to the Editor

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field.

Julian Rees - Brotherhood, the bonding between human beings, exists of course on different levels and in different spheres of human experience.

Musings of an Old Mason - A Reluctant Mentor ponders the Cost of Freemasonry
Money problems affect Brethren in different ways.

Square Culture: Poetry and Art
The cultural side of Freemasonry.

Regeneration: a time of new beginnings
John Acaster - How needful are new beginnings: when what has been, wearied through long habit and use, becomes observably out-dated within the context of the contemporary living world.

Book Reviews
Richard Collins
Curiosities of the Craft Treasures from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Collection - Aimee E Newell, Hilary Anderson Stelling and Catherine Compton Swanson.
Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge - Ronald J.H. Hart

The QC Column
Gordon Davie - A regular update from the premier Lodge of Research.

Keeping you Masonically up to date.

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