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The Square Magazine - December 2014

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The Confused Origins of Freemasonry
David Barrett - There are many theories concerning the origins of Freemasonry - and all of them are wrong!

Report on the Summer Workshop Greece
Bob Bashford - The proceedings of the Conference at Anavyssos.

William Burges - Architectural GENIUS and Freemason
Paul Huggins - The Freemason behind the designs of Cork Cathedral and others.

Models of Great Queen Street - Chingford and Chisel and Mouse
Two replicas and the offer of a prize competition.

The History of the Tyler's Toast
Robert Bradley - An insight into the brethren of the Mystic Tie.

Freemasonry in the Holy Land
R. S. Kahan and Leon Zeldis - Pictures and details of this fascinating cave under the Old City.

Conference Reports
Mike Jones and Bob Sillett - The AMULL Festival at Charterhouse and East Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam.

Edwin Watson - A tribute
Gordon W Michie - An account of the footballing flyer from Fife.

The Victoria Lodge of Research
Brendan Kyne - A brief introduction to an active research group.

A Just so Story
Richard Tydeman - How the Stewards got their red aprons.

The Common Bond
John Acaster - Thoughts and details from the Manchester Association for
Masonic Research.

John Steinbeck and Freemasonry
Kenneth Jack - An insight into a fascinating character and writer.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - More vignettes from Freemasonry.

The Royal Masonic School for Girls
Pippa Hopkins - The brain child of Chevalier Ruspini - still thriving.

The QC Page
Gordon Davie - More thoughts from the Premier Lodge of Research.

Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian Connection
Christopher McIntosh - The 400th anniversary of an important document.

Rods, Staff and Wands of Office
Brian Fisher - Plans for a new presentation of Moses' Rod.

The George and Dragon Players
Peter Baker - A section of Masonic History brought to life.

The King's Speech
Edwardian Lodge of Research - A Man and a Stamp - the story retold.

The Great War and Grand Lodge Rivalries
Paul Calderwood - A past Prestonian continues his story.

Ten Ways to spot a Mason
Chris Hodapp - Extracts from the Dummy's Guide to Freemasons.

Lyceum Lodge of Research
David Lewis - Masonic Activity from South Africa.

Kent Freemasonry and the First World War
Robin Evans - A new exhibition featuring the Great War.

Tony Pope - Details of Masonic Research in Australia and New Zealand.

It never rains ... but there's a hurricane
John Dale - Pictures of Masonic mishaps in Bermuda.

25 Years of Freemasonry in Eastern Europe
Peter Hoffer - A summary of Masonic activity in the former Soviet bloc.

Book Reviews
Richard Mellor - English Freemasonry and the First World War.

Mike Hailwood Lodge
Michael Adams - Masonic petrol heads get it together.

Letters to the Editor
More of your thoughts and views.

Your Masonic Questions answered
Graham Redman - More wise counsel from the Grand Secretary's Office.

The Masonic Philatelic Club
Ken Elston - The World of Masonic Stamps.

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