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The Square Magazine - June 2014

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The Lunar Society

David Harrison - The author discusses Freemasonry, the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science and the Midlands Enlightenment.

A Daily Advancement

Mike Kearsley - Some thoughts on the opening of a new Masonic Library in Middlesex and of masonic research in general.

Antients Freemasonry and the London Irish

Ric Berman - A prominent Masonic historian reviews the strong influence of the Irish on London Freemasonry.

Emulation and the Silver Match Box

Jayson Brinkler - A winner of this difficult award from the Emulation Lodge of Improvement reflects on what it is and what it requires to be a winner.

The Freemason's Code

Adam Shewin - Dan Brown; his views on Freemasonry and life - and the interview at Freemason's Hall.

Freemasonry, the Beached Whale

Bob Jones - A reflection on the state of Freemasonry in Australia and elsewhere and a response from the editor.

Revolutionary and Socialist Fraternalism

John Belton - London and the Italian Risorgimento from 1848 to 1870.

An Interview with David Harrison

A masonic writer shares his thoughts about his life, his books and Freemasonry.

The Hidden Currents of 1813

Andrew Prescott - Some fascinating aspects of the Duke of Sussex and his interests at the time of the Union.

The Harris Museum

Ivor Whalley - The story of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of a free, Public Library and Museum in Preston, Lancashire in 1882 - with full Masonic pomp and ritual.

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O'Neill - The author reviews several areas of masonic interest - from Shakespeare to masonic imposters.

Bro John MacDouall Stuart

Bernard Williamson - The story of a remarkable Australian Explorer and Mason.

Cavaliers and Roundheads

Richard Gan - The effect of the 1813 Union on other Orders beyond the Craft.

Anthony O'Neal Haye

Kenneth C. Jack - The story of a Freemason, Journalist, Author and Poet.

The Victoria Cross

Tom Ridley - Some aspects of the ultimate medal for Valour and the story of two Norfolk Freemasons and VC winners.

Health Section

Bob Boal and Giles Barkley - A life-saving initiative from West Lancashire - heart defibrillators in Masonic Lodges.

Honorary Memberships and Masonic Dress

Fred Lomax - A well-known masonic writer shares his thoughts about two issues.

Laudable Pursuit

Chris Hodapp - Thirteen suggestions for the rejuvenation of American Freemasonry from a well-known, American, masonic author.

Letters to the Editor

Good Practice

John Acaster - The author exoresses his views about good Masonic practice from the past and present.

Quatuor Coronati

Gordon Davie - News and events from the Premier Lodge of Research.

Book Reviews

Mike Karn and Peter Currie - A detailed review of books old and new.

Jersey Freemasonry

Colin Goss - The release of a revised and updated book about Jersey Freemasonry.

A Cycle Ride and Freemasonry

Philippa Faulks - Two young Freemasons describe their views of Freemasonry and why they are undertaking their charity ride.

Your Masonic Questions Answered

Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field.

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