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The Square Magazine - December 2015

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Frederick Binckes: The Rise and the Fall of an Eminent Victorian Freemason

Richard Gan provides an edited version of his paper presented to Quatuor Coronati Lodge about this remarkable man who combined the roles of both Grand Secretary of the GL of Mark Master Masons and Secretary of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys.

The thoughts of a newly raised mason

Alex Lishanin reflects on how he became a Mason and what it means to him and to others he met in the process.

An Introduction to the 2016 Prestonian Lecturer

Dr Ric Berman, author of several notable books on Freemasonry has been appointed as Prestonian lecturer for next year.

The Sea of Faith - Christianity and Freemasonry in Change

Hugh Waddington discusses how a reinterpretation of an important word in our ritual can have profound effects.

Much ado about Thomas Harper

Dave Wood and Ian Smith discuss this famous character, the lodge named after him and the Masons who collect his jewels.

The Lodge of the Future

David J. Cameron of the Grand Lodge of Ontario shares his thoughts about where Freemasonry is going - and should be going.

Why Freemasonry?

David Cons, past Pro Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex shares his thoughts about what Freemasonry has to offer to those who join.

Listen to the words for once

Howard Rishton recalls Cilla Black and a song whose words speak to Freemasons together with details of Second World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry, and History 2017.

The Ammonites, the Ephraimites and Jephthah, Judge Over Israel

Oscar Patterson presents much details about the interesting story of Jepthah and the terrible promise he had to fulfil.

The Square Quiz

The answers and the winner of our three issue Square quiz.

Developing Paradoxical Intent

David West tells us that doing the same thing only gets the same results and sometimes the very opposite is what works.

The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

John Paternoster tells us about this interesting society and about the restored grave of its founder Robert Wentworth Little.

Introduction and Guide to One day classes

Extracts from the guide produced by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to support their rapid progression to Master Mason.

The QC page

Gordon Davie, current Master of the lodge, reflects on the issue of resignations - with one, in particular, a bit close to home.

Whatever happened to the Oration Scheme?

The reflections of many brethren who were, or still are, involved in a scheme which started well but has seemingly faded.


Tony Pope introduces us to the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council.

Reader's Questions

Graham Redman again gives his expert guidance in matters Masonic.

Paracelsus and the Origins of Freemasonry

John Grange introduces the life and happenings of this remarkable man and what he means to Freemasonry.

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O'Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.

Masonic Symbolism in the Red Velvet Room

Ricky Pounds describes the Masonic connections of this remarkable room in Chiswick House, London.

Observing the Craft

Andrew Hammers new book is reviewed and the celebrations at the Grand Lodge of Croatia are also detailed.

The Anglo-Saxons and Masonry

Tim Blakemore introduces us to the Anglo Saxons dynasties and their influence on the Craft.

The Second Greek Conference

Bob Bashford tells us what happened this year at the Conference in Anavyssos.

Letters to the Editor

Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.

The Road, the Rubber, the Ride

Ken Elston brings us some more interesting Masonic stamps.

Pedro de Alcântara

David Harrison and Felipe Côrte Real present this fascinating character embroiled in the politics of Brazil and Portugal.

The success of the Special Interest Lodge

David Harrison reflects on why some lodges which special interests seem to be bucking the downward trend.

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