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The Square Magazine - June 2015

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Freemasonry under the Nazis
David Lewis present the horrors and consequences of life under the dictators.

Making Masons at Sight
Robin Summerfield describes an old, but questionable, practice still promoted in the USA.

The Washington Monument Time Capsule
An article from the Baltimore Sun describing some interesting finds during renovations.

De Goede Hoop Temple
Geoff Edwards presents insights and pictures of this remarkable Masonic Temple in Cape Town.

The Duke of Sussex lays a Foundation Stone
Gareth Davies describes a marvellous historical event in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Blue Forget-me-Not Question
David Lewis completes his article on the Nazis with further insights into this well-known badge.

Graeme Beard reflects on happenings in English Freemasonry through the eyes of a practicing psychologist.

What kind of Freemasonry do you Want
Howard Rimington provides a thoughtful matrix to define where you stand and what you want from the Craft.

All About the Pro
John Hamill responds to a letter to the editor about the peculiar rank of 'Pro Grand Master'.

Initiation - Can it be more than once?
Fred Lomax reflects on an interesting Masonic conundrum.

Percy Cornelius Taylor
Paul Huggins presents this tragic event through the ship's Masonic musician.

A little bit of War and Peace
Keith MacDonald presents the story of Freemason Marshal Jacques MacDonald of South Uist and France.

The World's Largest Banquet
Allan DeLuca presents details of this extraordinary Masonic gathering and banquet - supported by 'the Nippies'.

Freemasons on Postage Stamps
Ken Elston discusses the Masonic Philatelic Club and his passions for stamps.

Making a Mason in Prison
Herve Hoint Lecoq presents John Wilkes who, it seems, might have been made a Mason while in prison.

We continue the competition to win a handsome model of the door of Freemason's Hall.

The Leicester Table
David Sharpe and Maxine Gilhuys Notarbartolo present details of a remarkable Masonic marble table.

QC page
Gordon Davie again presents views and happenings from the oldest Masonic Research Lodge, No 2076.

A Brief History of Mark Tracing Boards
Peter Hanfrey presents some unusual and attractive Mark tracing boards.

Two Fleet Street Taverns and a Church
Mark Harwood presents the story of the Mitre Tavern, the Devil and St Dunstan's.

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman discusses Blackballing and its implications.  Extracts from 'Masonic Etiquette Today'.

Book Reviews
Tony Baker looks at the latest best seller which reveals all about the Illuminati and their rituals.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill reflects on various Masonic ephemera and happenings.

Letters to the Editor
More points of view and concerns from our readers.

Letters to the Editor - what's happening
Two events of note which deserve to be included.

Masonry Al Fresco
David Harrison presents an excerpt from his book with regard to Lodges meeting outside or in caves.

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