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The Square Magazine - December 2016

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The lie Rob Morris told
Stephen Dafoe suggests that the Masons in the Morgan affair may not have been so innocent after all.

How a Frenchman became Master of the Lodge of Faith
Christian Guellerin tells the story of the Gallic influence in this interesting lodge.

Hidden in plain sight
Andrew Prescott and Susan Sommers present the historiography of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The Ark of the Covenant
Martin Gandoff reveals some of the traditions and some of the inconsistencies of this ancient artefact.

Squaring the lodge
Fred Lomax explains, but not always supports, this Masonic custom.

An introduction to the art of memory
Martin Faulks discusses the thorny issue - should we learn ritual or just read it?

Navy Lodge 2612
David Swain introduces a unique lodge with an unmatchable pedigree of its members.

First public parade
Freemasonry in Spain is in a resurgence; here are details of a public procession in Las Palmas.

A conundrum for the new age
Bob Gilbert talks about Co-Masonry and the beginning of yet another Grand Lodge.

Changes in the social activities of lodges
Gordon Davie reflects on the Ladies' dinners and what they brought to the Craft.

Rob Morris
Jean Yves Legouas gives us even more low-down on this chimerical figure.

Three centuries of English Freemasonry
David Barrett reflects on the tercentenary and the exhibition in Freemasons' Hall.

The growing atheist population
Chris Hodapp reflects on a world where fewer believe in the GAOTU.

Open Day in Spain
More on the resurgence of Spanish Freemasonry.

The MPC auction
Ken Elston tells us of more Masonic stamps for sale and a great new release.

That religion in which all men agree
Peter Stavinskas reviews David Hackett's book Freemasonry in American Culture.

The Tercentenary agenda
Courtesy of UGLE and other websites we present many of the planned activities. Get out your diaries now!

Brought to light
Tony Martin reviews J Scott Kenney's new book on the views of Canadian Freemasons.

Ousting the Great Architect
Franck Blatter reflects on his experiences in a Swiss lodge where the GA seems to be being side-lined.

Responses to The Square challenge
We asked for some of your advice to Grand Lodge to halt the decline. Here are some of them - but do you agree?

The secret Master Degree
Yasha Beresiner presents the fourth degree of the Rose Croix.

The Walking Charge
David Porteous gives us the full text of this popular charge.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill gives us a few more anecdotes and amuse bouches.

Why Traditional Observance slipped in Colorado
Benjamin Williams reveals the cracks in this supposed tale of success and acceptance.

The Blue Lodge
Jon Patrick Sage suggests that all you need is blue.

Freemasonry and religious incompatibility
Matt Gallagher reflects on why many churches just don't take to Freemasonry - even if some of their members do.

Freemasonry and the Revolution in Latin America
Four Freemasons who changed the face of a continent.

What is a Mentor?
Martin Gandoff talks about what a Mentor should be and what a Mentor should do...but do they?

Letters to the editor
Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don't agree with something in the magazine, please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.

The QC Tercentenary Conference
Aubrey Newman reveals what happened in Cambridge for the first of many tercentenary celebrations - but are we all too early?

The William Robertson Smith Collection
Kenneth Jack is back with more news about Robbie Burns - the first and best Masonic Poet Laureate.

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