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The Square Magazine - September 2014

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The War Time Diary of Joseph Fort Newton
Extracts from the diary of a leading American Masonic writer, written during his visit to London and other British cities in 1916. The diary discovered by John Belton.

The Masonic Peacemakers of 1914
Paul Calderwood - Reflections on the activity between German and British Freemasons in the years prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1914.

The Holy Royal Arch
John Hamill - From an address at the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter held on 16th October 2013 to celebrate the bi-centenary of "Pure Ancient Masonry.

Erasmus Wilson
Robin Evans - a new statue is unveiled commemorating a remarkable Freemason, Sir William James Erasmus Wilson.

Freemasons of the American Revolution
John Duncalf - the author presents the Masonic involvement of many of the names associated with this momentous event.

The 1814 International Compact and 'Pure Ancient Masonry'
John Belton - An edited version of the author's paper for the Leicester Lodge of Research Symposium.

Disturbing the Peace and Harmony of the Craft
Diane Clements - some vignettes from the author's latest book on Freemasonry and the First World War.

Behind the Wheel
Larry Riches - and a remarkable journey in a Model T Ford all the way from Portugal.

The Union in a Minute Book
Johnny Lewis - the secretary of Lodge of Harmony, the oldest in Middlesex (1785), shows how their minute book reflects the dramatic changes of 1814.

Filey Masons and their famous brother - Billy Butlin
Philip Harrison - the story of Freemasonry in this North Yorkshire seaside town and the famous holiday camp King who lived there

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - More reflections on the nooks and crannies of Masonic ephemera.

The Whale and the Mustard Seed
John Acaster - A response to a previous article and a reflection on research lodges and their value in Freemasonry.

Masonic Musicians and Composers
David Lewis - starts us off with some of the earliest Masonic musicians with more to come in later issues.

The First Lady Freemason
David Harrison - the Hon Elizabeth Aldworth who started her evening as an eavesdropper and ended it as a Freemason.

Perfect Points and Counterpoints
Doug Banin - The author explains what the perfect points of entry are with reflections on certain tracing boards.

The Origins and Development of the Consecration Ceremony
Brian Baker - An extract from The Burnham Lecture within the Province of Buckinghamshire and detailing aspects of the consecration ceremony.

Installation of the Great Priory of the Netherlands
Peter Kok - describes this grand and important event for Dutch Freemasons

Who was Charles Rasp
Mark MacAlpine - tells the story of a famous German / Australian Freemason who was linked with Broken Hill and the Umberumberka Lodge.

The Musings of an Old Mason
Gordon Davie - the author reflects on the Mentoring scheme and finds some issues with its application.

World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges
Bob Sillett - a report on the biennial Conference held in Romania.

Grand Master Mason of Scotland at the European Grand Master's meeting 2007
A Paper delivered by the Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Sir Archibald D. Orr Ewing at the European Grand Master's Meeting 2007.

What makes a successful Lodge?
The Editor asks for your input to a proposed new guide. The do's and don'ts of a successful Masonic Lodge.

The Chingford Masonic Study Circle
Allan DeLuca - the secretary of this new research group describes its beginnings and aspirations.

Authors Lodge No 3456
Ron Selby - the secretary of this unique lodge recalls some of the people and events which have made it popular.

Book Reviews
Ron Selby and Mike Karn review three books to add to your Masonic collection.

Letters to the Editor

The Lodge of Lights
David Harrison - Lodge of Lights Lodge celebrates its 250th anniversary.

Brethren Parade in full Regalia
Alan Breward - with a report showing that we are coming out of the closet at last.

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