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150 Years of Cryptic Masonry

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The Sesquicentenary of the inauguration of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters (RSM) of England and Wales and its Districts and Councils Overseas in 2023 has been the catalyst for the publication of the definitive history of this important world-wide Masonic Order. 

The Royal and Select Masters, also known as the Cryptic degrees, provide a link between the ceremonies of the Craft and the Royal Arch, and include one of the finest and most moving pieces of ritual that any Mason can aspire to experience.

The book is written, using a number of primary sources, in a way that is intended to appeal not only to the general reader, who may or may not be a member of the Royal and Select Masters, but also to those interested in the history of Masonry, and in particular the development of Masonic Orders beyond the Craft.  

Particular attention is paid to the people who helped shape and advance Cryptic Masonry both at home and overseas, with the inclusion whenever possible of photographs and biographies. To enhance the written word, the book is extensively illustrated with some ninety photographs and images, over one hundred tables and figures, and nineteen detailed maps.

Hardcover - 524 pages

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