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Contents Page for the Secret School of Wisdom

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Introduction                                                                                            11

A Note on Sources                                                                                  39


Preparatory Essay : A General Idea of the Society of the Illuminati            44


I. Minerval Class                                                                                       

1. Noviciate                                                                                               

Obligation. Letter of a Candidate                                                          49

Instructions for the Insinuati, or Recepti                                               49

Instructio pro insinuantibus seu recipientibus                                       51

General Statutes of the Order                                                              52

An Easy Cipher for Ready Use                                                            58

2. Minerval Degree                                                                                    

Statutes for the Minervals                                                                   59

Initiation Ceremonies                                                                          62

Form for an Initiation Minutes for Absent, Adult Candidates, Who Would

Object to Being Initiated in the Same Manner as Very Young Men     67

Introduction Ceremonies                                                                     69

Statutes and Ceremonies for the Minerval Assemblies                         70

Calendarium                                                                                       78

Correct Pronunciation and Spelling of the Persian Months of Our Calendar      79

3. Minervalis illuminatus, or Illuminatus minor                                             

Instructions for the Superior of the Minerval Church Concerning              
        the Issuing of this Degree                                                               80

Addendum A. Address During the Initiation of an Illuminatus minor       83

Addendum B. Instructions for a Better Understanding of the Order’s

    Organisation                                                                                   87

Addendum C. Instructions for the Education of Useful Collaborators     92

Addendum D. A Lesson the Illuminati minores Receive in Writing       100

Addendum E. Explanation of the Minerval Allegories                           103

4. Initiation of a Magistrate of the Minerval Church                                     

Ceremonies for the Initiation of a Magistrate                                      105

Instructions for the Minerval Magistracy                                            107

Instructio pro Superiori                                                                      109

De officio Censoris                                                                            111

De officio Quaestoris                                                                         112

De officio Secretarii                                                                           113


II. Freemasonic Class                                                                               

A) Symbolic Freemasonry                                                                         

I. Ritual Book for the three Symbolic Degrees                                            

Introduction                                                                                       115

1. Ritual for the Entered Apprentice Lodge                                             116

Before the Lodge is Opened                                                              120

Opening of the Lodge                                                                        120

Initiation into the Entered Apprentice Degree                                      121

Catechism                                                                                        128

Questions One Can Ask a Brother Entering the Lodge                        131

Closing a Lodge                                                                                131

On Table Lodges                                                                              131

Ritual for the Consecration of a New Lodge                                        133

Ritual for the Excommunication of a Brother                                       134

Ritual for the Table Lodges, if Sisters Are Present                             135

2. Fellow Craft Degree                                                                               

Ritual for the Fellow Craft Lodge                                                        136

Initiation into the Fellow Craft Degree                                                 137

Catechism of the Fellow Crafts                                                          141

Closing the Fellow Craft Lodge                                                          142

Secret Cipher of the Freemasons                                                       142

3. Ritual for the Master Lodge                                                                    

Opening the Master Lodge                                                                144

Initiation of the Master                                                                       144

Closing the Master Lodge                                                                  150

II. Improved Constitution Book for the St. John’s Lodge                              

A) General Constitutional Articles, which Must Be Read Out in Every Lodge

Introduction                                                                                       151

I. Character and Qualities of a True Mason                                    151

II. Public Conduct                                                                          152

III. Information about Other Institutions                                           156

B) Statutes for this Particular Lodge

C) Particular Articles of Instruction, Must Be Read during Every Officers Lodge

I. Instructions for the Officers Lodge                                              159

II. Special Instructions for the Worshipful Masters                          162

III. For the Deputy W. M.                                                               163

IV. For the Senior Warden                                                             163

V. The Junior Warden                                                                    164

VI. The Secretary                                                                          164

VII. The Treasurer                                                                         165

VIII. The Master of Ceremonies                                                     165

IX. The Almoner                                                                            166

X. The Housekeeper                                                                      166

XI. The Orator                                                                               167

XII. The Stewards                                                                         167

XIII. The Sick Visitor                                                                     167

XIV. The Decorator                                                                       167

XV. The Librarian                                                                          168

XVI. Information about the Serving Brethren                                   168

Addendum A. Report about the State of the Lodge                              169

B) Scottish Freemasonry                                                                           

I. Scottish Novice                                                                                      

Introduction                                                                                       171

I. Opening the Lodge of the Scottish Brethren                                    171

II. Catechism of the Scottish Brethren                                                172

III. Closing the Scottish Brethren Lodge                                             173

Information About the Working Lodges, Where the Main

    Points Should Always Be Read                                                      173

V. Lodge Ritual for the Initiation to this Degree                                   174

Addendum A. Secret Instructions for those Tasked with

    Recruiting New Members to the O.                                                186

Addendum B. Questions Used for Assessing the Character of a

    Candidate for this Degree                                                              188

Addendum C. Nosce te ipsum !                                                          200

II. Illuminatus dirigens                                                                               

Introduction                                                                                       203

I. Further Information and General Instructions                                   204

II. Instructions Concerning the Lower Classes                                    205

III. Instructions Concerning the Freemason Lodge                              207

IV. On the Reception into this Degree                                                210

V. Of the Solemn Chapters for Initiation                                             212

VI. Opening the Chapter                                                                    213

VII. Initiation Ritual                                                                            214

VIII. Closing the Chapter                                                                   228

IX. Of the Love-Feasts or Agapes                                                      229

X. Ceremonies during the Consecration of a Chapter                          230

Addendum A. Form for the Lodge Constitution                                    231

Addendum B. T‌he Prefect’s Order Star                                              232

Addendum C. T‌he Knights’ St. Andrew’s Cross                                  232

Addendum D. Secret Cipher of the Scottish Knights                           233

Addendum E. Explanation of the Masonic Hieroglyphs                        233

Addendum F . Catechism of the Scottish Knights                                238


III. Mysteries Class                                                                                   

A) Lesser Mysteries                                                                                  

I. Lesser Priest Degree. Presbyter                                                             

Introduction                                                                                       240

Further Information Concerning the Acceptance to this Degree           242

Ritual for Continued Initiation                                                             243

Addendum A. Instruction in the First Chamber                                    247

Addendum B. Instructions for the First Degree of the Priest Class      280

Addendum C. On the Initiation of a Decanus                                       293

II. Lesser Regent Degree. Princeps                                                       

Notification to the Provincial Superior Regarding the Issuance of this Degree  300

Initiation Ritual                                                                                  302

Addendum A. Administrative System for the Entire Order                   309

Addendum B. Instructions for the Entire Regent Degree                     312

Addendum C. Instructions for the Prefects, or Local Superiors            317

Addendum D. Instructions for the Provincial Superiors                        328


B) Higher Mysteries                                                                                  

I. Docetists                                                                                           332

II. Philosophi. Sages                                                                             349

IV. Appendix                                                                                             


A School for Humanity                                                                          380

Some Early Documents                                                                         390

Statutes of the Illuminati                                                                    390

Reform of the Statutes of the 1st Class                                               396

Guiding Idea                                                                                     402

Instructio pro Recipientibus                                                               404

Instructio Insinuatorum                                                                      408

Instructions for T‌hose Who Have Received the Facultas insinuandi    409

24 Points Designed to Be Presented as Questions to New Candidates 411

General Explanation of the Society of the Illuminati (alternative beginning) 412

Supplement to the Illum. min. for the Better Instruction of the Superior    413

Preparation for T‌hose Who Are to Participate in Governing the Order     418

Footnotes to a Revised Presbyter Degree                                              434

Instructions for the National Inspectors   438


Otha Farris on 7th June 2015

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Jarrod on 23rd October 2016

This is one awesome post.Thanks Again. Want more.

Achodo precious on 19th February 2018

Very inspiring,a book for the enlightened .

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