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Mythras Reborn In A New Masonic Order

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The Mysteries of Mithras was an ancient Roman Mystery Cult which was practiced between the 1st to the 4th century CE and centred on the worship of the solar deity “Mithras”. Its followers met in private temples and were sworn to secrecy, but it may surprise you that the ancient Cult of Mithras is alive and well… and is being worked in the leafy suburbs of England.


Actually, the Mysteries of Mithras is a relatively new Masonic Order which is inspired by and uses the allegory of the lost and ancient Mysteries of the same name. However, the Mysteries of Mithras does not try to be a historical re-enactment, nor do they claim to have a direct lineal descent, instead the Mysteries of Mithras takes its inspiration from and bases their allegorical Grades on the teachings and symbolism of this ancient cult.

Just like the Roman Cult of Mithras there are seven grades or trials, when an initiate join’s he will take the Trial of Corax, this ceremony will be the initiate’s first introduction to the Order, with the ceremony delving into the meaning of the Mithraic Mysteries and the creation myth of the Universe.


The genesis for the creation of this Order came after a meeting of the Holy Royal Arch, when a number of the Companions were discussing the ceremony and its meaning and the topic of Mithras came up in the conversation. Over time these members decided to try and piece together the ceremonies for themselves. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to recreate an ancient Mithraic ceremony, instead they wanted to use the rich symbolism to create their own modern version of the mysteries that would satisfy their curiosity and encourage their own personal development.


Creating these ceremonies however resembled putting together an old jigsaw-puzzle that was missing most of its pieces, but it was always of the upmost importance that they make sure they never strayed far from the central themes and evidence known about the ancient cult.


Finally the day came when the ritual was completed and ready to be worked, everyone that joined found to their amazement that what had been created was something special and from this genuine passion for these lost mysteries, its lost spark had once again been reignited.


The Mysteries of Mithras is open to all Master Masons who are members in good standing and recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Our Order’s objective is to bring together Brethren with an inquisitive and philosophical view on Freemasonry, who wish to learn more about themselves and the hidden mysteries of life. We invite and encourage all aspiring aspirants who are seeking to endeavour to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge to knock at the door of our Mysteries and enquire into our anciently inspired rituals


For more information please click here Or email MysteriesOfMithras@hotmail.com

You can also follow their twitter here



Karl Frowen on 6th August 2019

I would love to find out more about this! 😀

Interested on 6th August 2019

Do they have a contact email for inquiries? I don't see one on their webpage

Derek Blackburn on 6th August 2019

I am very interested in furthering my Masonic Journey
I am also a lover of mythology and the classics.
I have studied many of the Greek Roman cults
Are there any Mithraic "lodges" on the Wirral or Chester.
Aye S&F
Deeks Blackburn

Derek Williamson on 6th August 2019

I am very interested

Craig Pattison on 6th August 2019

Hey 🖐️ love the sound of what your doing, I'm a bit of a Roman geek and I've looking for something to connect my interest freemasonry & Rome. Where do you meet and whats the best way for me to keep upto date with you

John Railton Simons on 6th August 2019

I am interested in learning more of this Order and possibly acquiring admission as part of my Masonic journey and knowledge.
My address is 13 Henniker Gate, Chelmer Villlage, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6QH
Tel: 01245 460948 or Mobile 07747 443324

Michael Russell on 7th August 2019

I'm interested in further information please

gaya on 8th August 2019

This religion belongs to Iranian culture, which is scattered all over the world

juttla on 9th August 2019

Beautiful written article may I a working copy.

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