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The two oldest Masonic publishers are now working together!

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Macoy Publishing (1849) is proud to announce that they are now the
official American distributor of Lewis Masonic (1886) in the United

This landmark in Masonic publishing means that by visiting Macoy.com
you can now purchase, in dollars, the largest range of Masonic books
offered by any Masonic supplier in the whole of the United States. So,
no need to pay for shipping from the UK.

The combined range now covers all areas of Masonic publishing,
including, but not limited to:

Ritual books and Monitors
Books for those considering joining the Craft
Masonic Symbolism
Masonic mysteries and adventures
Handbooks for Lodge Officer
Jokes and Masonic humor
Royal Arch
The Mark Degree
The Knights Templar
Masonic Philosophy
Lodge and Chapter Music
Talks and performance in lodge
Scottish Rite
Higher Degrees
Masonic history


To order our books from America please click here http://www.macoy.com


Bastiar on 10th August 2014

Jul 21, 2009 - Gary, many thanks for the copelimmnt. Unfortunately, my speeches are different every time, so there is no written version of it. But I do travel a lot and speak all over the country. Check my website for my schedule

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