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Chapter & Verse : 100 Years of Royal Arch Talks

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Also available as an e-book. Click Here to visit our website for digital downloads

A great source of information for anyone interested in Royal Arch Freemasonry, Chapter and Verse is a fascinating authoritative guide which consists of 75 papers delivered by members of Authors' Chapter over the period of 100 years.

Presentations vary from long to short making them perfect to read at home or perform in your Royal Arch Chapter. A truly comprehensive volume covering everything from Architecture to Zerubbabel.

Papers included in this volume:

  • The Royal Arch by A. F. Calvert 

  • The Three Lectures by H. Cart de Lafontaine 

  • A Chapter of Research by Rev. F. de P. Castells 

  • Distinctive Features in R.A. Procedure by A. Holmes Dallimore 

  • Hiram Abiff by Thomas Freeman 

  • Hiram, King of Tyre by Louis Infield, OBE 

  • King Solomon by W. E. Laxon-Sweet 

  • The Third Principal by Thomas Freeman

  • The Second Principal by Louis Infield 

  • The Third Principal by Laxon Sweet 

  • The Discarded Veils by T. Simpson Pedler

  • The Platonic Bodies by J. W. Knipe 

  • The Mysterious Tau by Louis Infield OBE 

  • The Triangle And Circle by W.E. Laxon-Sweet

  • The Banners by Thomas Freeman

  • Sacred Mountains by T. Simpson-Pedler

  • Wandering, Turmoil, Peace by T. Simpson-Pedler

  • A Beautiful Allegory by Thomas Freeman 

  • Kabbalism by Louis Infield

  • My First Impressions of The R.A.Chapter by W. F. Spalding 

  • Notes on The Holy Royal Arch by Norman Demuth From The Freemasons Chronicle, 1934

  • That Light Which is from Above by Thomas Freeman 

  • Thus Saith Cyrus by H. C. Plummer 

  • Principal Sojourner by Dr C. E. Iredell 

  • Music of Israel by W. E. Laxon-Sweet 

  • The Symbolical Lecture by T. Simpson-Pedler 

  • The M.E.Zs Epilogue by Thomas Freeman 

  • The Hidden Significance of the Ritual by W. L. Wilmshurst 

  • Bosom of Mt. Moriah by Dr Henderson Hunt 

  • Traditional Ceremonies? by T. Simpson-Pedler 

  • The Priestly Tribe by Louis Infield 

  • The Catenary Arch by Dr Henderson Hunt 

  • The Temple by T. Simpson-Pedler 

  • Masonic Musings of a Wanderer Returned by Hubert S. Banner 

  • The Trinity Conception by Hubert Banner 

  • Haggai the Prophet by A. Godfrey-Lewis 

  • The Trowel and the Sword by Hubert Banner 

  • Preparation of the Candidate by Hubert Banner 

  • The Grand Sanhedrin by Louis Infield 

  • King Solomon as a Builder by T. Simpson Pedler 

  • Our Debt to Cyrus, King of Persia by Dr Henderson Hunt 

  • Jerusalem, the City of Peace by Louis Infield 

  • Darius and the Dedication of the Second Temple by Dr Henderson Hunt

  • Hiram, King of Tyre by A. Godfrey-Lewis 

  • The Parallels In Masonry by T. Simpson Pedler, M.A., LL.B.(Cantab), Barrister-at-Law

  • The Temple Site, To-day by Dr E. Henderson Hunt 

  • Companion, its Origin and Implication by W. F. Spalding 

  • The Triangle in Ancient Religions by Hubert Banner 

  • The Triple Tau by Dr Henderson Hunt 

  • Sanhedrin by A. Godfrey-Lewis 

  • The Rock-hewn Cave Temples of Ancient India by Dr E. Henderson Hunt

  • The Temple of King Solomon by W. F. Spalding 

  • The Temple of Zerubbabel by Dr Charles Iredell 

  • Temple of Herod by Godfrey Lewis 

  • The Great Sanhedrin by Harley V. Usill 

  • The Scribes by W. F. Spalding 

  • The Order of the Holy Royal Arch by J. G. Richards 

  • Joshua, the Son of Josedeck by T. Fussell 

  • Haggai the Prophet by H. V. Usill 

  • Zerubbabel by W. F. Spalding 

  • King Solomon by W. F. Spalding 

  • The Secular Tradition in Education by Harley V. Usill 

  • Scottish Royal Arch Masonry by H.A. Hartley 

  • Whats in a Name? Its Power, Importance and Significance by W. P. Spurgeon 

  • The Four Principal Banners of the Royal Arch by W. T. Spalding

  • The Independence Royal Arch Lodge No. 2 of New York by E. T. Harvey

  • The Orientation of Sacred Buildings, and of the Temple at Jerusalem by W.P. Spurgeon 

  • Freemasonry and Architecture by Ronald J. R. Hart 

  • Architectural and Masonic Columns by Ronald J. R. Hart 

  • Glimpses of Royal Arch Ritual and the Vault by Ronald J. R. Hart

  • Reminiscing with Ritual by Ronald J. R. Hart 

  • Traditional History: The Biblical Background by Simon Fernie 

  • A History of Masonic Dining by Ian Ronald Selby

  • Matters of Moment: Some Symbols in the Royal Arch by Simon Fernie 

  • The Principal Sojourner An Insight and Background by Ian Ronald Selby


308 Pages

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