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Ark Of The Covenant -Figurine

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Jewish Gold Ark Of The Covenant Testimony Copper Base Replica From Israel

"Before The Battle Of Jericho, The Ark Was Carried Around Jericho Once A Day For Seven Straight Days, Led By The Armed Israelites And Seven Priests Sounding Seven Trumpets. On The Seventh Day, The Seven Priests After Sounding The Seven Trumpets Before The Ark Was Carried Around The City Seven Times And, With A Great Shout, The Walls Of Jericho Fell Down Down To The Ground And The City Was Taken.

A Few Years Later The Israelites Took The Ark Into Battle Against The Philistines, However, They Were Defeated With The Loss Of 30,000 Men. The Ark Was Captured By The Philistines And Hophni And Phinehas Were Killed. The News Of Its Capture Was At Once Taken To Shiloh By A Messenger with His Clothes Rent, And With Earth Upon His Head.

The Philistines Took The Ark To Number Of Places In Their Country, However, At Every Place They Took The Ark, Misfortune Befell Them. The Philistines, On Advice From Their Priests, Returned The Ark To The Israelites, With Offerings Of Gold From The Philistines

Upon Hearing That God Had Blessed Obed-edom, A Levite, Because Of The Presence Of The Ark In His House, David Had The Ark Brought To Zion By The Levites. In Zion, David Put The Ark In The Tabernacle He Had Prepared For It. The Levites Were Appointed To Minister Before The Ark. When David Fled From Jerusalem At The Time Of Absaloms Conspiracy, The Ark Was Carried Along With Him Until He Ordered Zadok, The Priest, To Return It To Jerusalem.

During The Construction Of Solomons Temple, A Special Inner Room Was Prepared To Receive The Ark Of The Covenant And It Was Dedicated In The Temple. The Ark, Containing The Original Stone Tablets Of The Ten Commandments, Was Placed In The Temple. When The Priests Emerged From The Holy Place After Placing The Ark There, The Temple Was Filled With A Cloud, for The Glory Of The Lord Had Filled The House Of The Lord.

Product Material: Electroplating--Zinc Alloy

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