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Kirkwall Scroll

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Kirkwall Scroll
Kirkwall Scroll
Kirkwall Scroll
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Own a copy of one of the world's more important masonic artefacts.



The Kirkwall Scroll, is made of three pieces of hand-painted, strong linen sewn together and throughout. Radiocarbon dated to the early 15th century this treasure has been carefully protected by generations of Orkney Freemasons. The complete hanging cloth is eighteen feet six inches long and five feet six inches wide.
It consists of a centre strip which contains beautifully drawn Masonic symbols, and two outer strips which appear to be some kind of maps.

Over the years there have been many theories about the scroll. Is this a very early Tracing Board or Floor Cloth?

The symbolism of the centre strip does seem to show the progression of the initiate from degree of Entered Apprentice through to the rank of Sovereign Grand Inspector General in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite or Rose Croix.






Could the scroll itself be evidence of these higher degrees being older than previously thought and proof that they originated from Scotland?




If this is so then why does the scroll appear to contain something very similar to the coat of arms of the Grand Lodge of England?



Perhaps the candidate would stand of the section appropriate to his degree or the cloth was unrolled to display the relevant section? Much is contained on the scroll in Enochian alphabet and other masonic ciphers. Perhaps in time when these are decoded more will be discovered.



But what of the maps on the side panels? Are these navigation charts? Due to the Orkneys links with the Knights Templar some people have wondered what these could lead to. With many symbols yet to be fully explored which seem to be inspired by Pagan, Kabbalistic, and Christian teachings it seems the scroll still has more mysteries to teach us.



Now you have a chance to decode the Kirkwall Scroll with our 29cm by 98cm high quality digital print.

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