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The Silver Matchbox

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The Silver Matchbox
The Silver Matchbox
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ISBN: 9780853186496
SKU: 9780853186496
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The Silver Matchbox

Given by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement as an award for the performance of word perfect ceremony from the Chair without standing in need of prompting or correction. After countless hours of training, the silver matchbox commemorates a feat requiring perfect memory, exemplary performance and ritual ability.  Often viewed as a Gold Medal or Black Belt in Freemasonry, the silver matchbox is considered by many to be the mark of highest ability in the Craft. In order to achieve full mark of excellence termed as a complete record he must work the ceremonies Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason and the Installation without any mistakes in either words or action.

Written by Tony Henley, himself a Silver Matchbox holder (with a complete record too!), this book is a fascinating guide to Masonry, ritual and memory. 

Highlights include:

  • The origins and evolution of the Emulation Ritual

  • The history of the Silver Matchbox Award 

  • Discover the Holders of the award past and present

  • Matchbox Methods - memory techniques, rehearsal methods and performance advice

  •  Information on the ritual awards in the Mark, Royal Arch and Royal Ark Mariners

  • Filled with interesting facts, figures, trivia and oddities.


Beautifully Hand Embossed

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