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Hiram's Way

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SKU: 9780853186199
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When starting a journey its very important to have a clear idea of the destination you seek.

When building a superstructure first plans must be made to have a clear idea of the final form.

How important then must it be for a Freemason when embarking on his path of self-perfection to have a clear vision of the total goal of his craft?

When an operative mason became a master of his art, we have a fairly good idea of what that might have meant, but what of speculative masons? When we become Masters, what is it that we are masters of?  What skills do we acquire on our path to becoming? 

If you were to read through the Masonic ritual and the lectures that accompany them with this as a focus, a very distinct picture starts to form of what a true Master Mason would embody. 

This book imagines that Master Mason, crafted by the ritual he follows and visualizes him perfected and complete, a shining example to others: an embodiment of the true godliness of which our ritual speaks.

This book consists of a series of contemplations based on the teachings of pure and ancient Masonry, which if undertaken with dedication will lead the practitioner to something very special. 

The craftsman will be able to imagine himself as a true Master Mason, a perfected builder, and connect with this future self on all levels. 

He will have a clear vision of the goal to act as a guide for him on his ongoing Masonic journey.

Paperback 152mm x 105mm

Pages 108

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