Freemasonry on the Frontier

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*** To Be Published January 2021 ***

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A collection of seventeen original papers by leading Masonic researchers and academics tracking the evolution of Freemasonry in America from the original thirteen colonies to the Pacific Coast. Contributors include Ric Berman, Brent Morris, Mike Kearsley, Barry Hoffbrand, John Wade, Adam Kendall, and Andreas Önnerfors, members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, and a number of outstanding American scholars: Ben Williams, Hilary Anderson Stelling, Hans Schwartz ,John Kyle Day, Jeffrey Croteau, Andrew Hammer, Daniel Gardiner, and Walter H. Hunt, as well as two brilliant European writers, Peter Lanchidi from Israel and Leif Endre Grutle from Norway

Papers Include 

The American Frontier: The Foundations of American Freemasonry:

America’s First Provincial Grand Masters 

Ric Berman

A Jewish-Christian Debate on Sectarian Freemasonry in the American Press 

Peter Lanchidi

The Higher Degrees in the United States, 1730–1830S. 

Brent Morris

Rob Morris and the Conservator Movement on the Development of Masonic Ritual in the United States

 Mike Kearsley

Henry Harford: Last Proprietor and Provincial Grand Master of Maryland 

Barry Hoffbrand

Der Triangel: A German Masonic Newspaper in the USA

Andreas Önnerfors

Freemasonry in ‘Pike’s Peak Country’

Ben Williams

Rare Jewels: Early New York City Mark Medals

Hilary Anderson Stelling

From Centre to Circumference, From Base to Cope: 

Founding the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arkansas, F. & A. M., c.1862–1902

John Kyle

 Dayiv Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076The Neo-Colonial Expansionism of Massachusetts Masonry 

Walter H. Hunt

Scandinavian Immigrants and New World Freemasonry

Leif Endre Grutle

Freemasonry in Revolutionary Boston

Hans Schwartz

Scottish-Transatlantic Masonic Medical Links in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth CenturiesJ

ohn S. Wade

Joseph Cerneau vs. Emanuel De La Motta: 

Understanding the Founding of the Scottish Rite’s Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in 1813 through the Lens of Religious Intolerance

Jeffrey Croteau

The Scandals and Secret Rites of Benjamin Hyam, California’s 3rd Grand Master

Adam Kendall

Frontiers and the Future: The Grand Lodge of Washington, DC

 Andrew Hammer 

Death and Masonic Funerals in Territorial Idaho and Montana

Daniel Gardiner

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