Belief And Brotherhood

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ISBN: 9780853182771
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An easy to understand guide to Freemasonry and the Christian faith. Written by an Anglican Priest and Freemason that shows how perfectly possible it is to be both a good Christian and a good Freemason. 


This book tackles head-on some of the critical issues in the debate about the compatibility of Christianity with Freemasonry and will appeal to those Masons who still find these questions cropping up in social, family, or church circles. Likewise, if you are a Christian who is not a Mason but wants an insight into Freemasonry from a Christian point of view, this book will be ideal for you.



 It will perhaps reassure those Masons who Have backed of from their Lodges due to concerns and miss their Masonry and would like to come back to it. Written with sincerity and conviction by a brother Mason with both breadth of his theological understanding and depth of Christian faith, this book will make sure you are fully informed on this most important subject.


Its important to have this book in your collection so you can:

  •  Answer questions from potential candidates with ease
  • Understand how Freemasonry works with a Christian Faith
  • Enlighten those who misunderstand or criticise the Craft.
  • Understand the original meaning and intention behind Masonic degrees, lodges and symbols


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Paperback: 150 pages


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